Adventure Escape: Murder Inn

Part 6

Part 6
Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Guide

In Part 6 of Murder Inn you are in a secret underground room. Investigate the room for more clues.
Part 6

Star: On the top middle shelf

Tap to collect black camo paint from the top right small shelf. Then tap the green bin on the floor top open and then again to collect a Stencil.

Tap on top of the safe to the left to view a puzzle board.
Part 6

Tap pairs of squares to swap them to complete the pattern.

Once complete note the hidden number 3Show
Part 6Show

Next tap the white camo jacket on the left to view it and then use the stencil on the square. Then use the paint and tap again to remove the stencil.
Part 6

Note the new pattern there is a hidden number 2Show

Tap on one of the lower shelves to find a paper with a maths clue.
a+b = c
b+c = d

Use the numbers above to get
3 + 2 = 5
2 + 5 = 7
Code: a b c d => 3257Show

Tap on the safe on the left and use the code to open it. Collect the 4 arrows.
Part 6

On one of the small shelves is a small black case. Tap this and view the contents.

Notice the 3 coloured lenses.
Part 6

Close this and then use this clue to place 3 arrows in the holes on the right.
Green, Blue, RedShow

Move into the next secret room
Part 6

Tap to view the deer heads on the wall. Notice they are all looking in different directions.

Next tap on the cupboard unit on the back right to see a padlock.
Part 6

This has a directional input. Use the dear heads above as a guide.
Hint: Look at the first 4 deer on from left to right moving downwards.Show
Code: right, up, left, right.Show

Collect a metal dial

Tap the chair on the right to move it back and collect a second yellow arrow.

Place both yellow arrows in the holes in the right wall to open another secret revealing a metal door. View this and then place the dial in the center to open it.

Enter the third secret room.
Part 6

Tap the drawer on the lower left beneath the bull. Collect a key.

Use the key on the small lower cupboard near the center to open and collect some night vision goggles.

Next tap the painting on the left wall to move it and reveal a dark hole. Use the goggle and tp on this hole to see a clue.
Part 6Show

Next tap on the tumble lock on the large cupboard door on the right of the room.
This required 4 letters.
Part 6

Use the clue above to set the code
Code: JSEBShow

View the poster on the inside of the cupboard door for a new clue.
Note the number of holes for each colour
Part 6

Next tap the coloured pattern of dots on the other door. This is a lock. You must connect all the dots in the right order.
Hint: Use the clue above to get a sequence. Blue, Red, Yellow GreenShow

Find the right pattern to follow this sequence through the puzzle and tap on all the buttons.
Solution: Part 6Show

Opening this final cupboard shows that a rifle is missing.

Finding this clue completes Part 6, you can now move on to Part 7. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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