Adventure Escape: Murder Inn

Part 5

Part 5
Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Guide

In Part 5 of Murder Inn you are searching the outside for any signs of an intruder. Check for clues.
Part 5

Star: on the ligh on the top left.

Tap on the cooler box on the left to open it. Collect the Ice block from it.

Tap to collect the orange towel from the Jacuzzi and the pink towel from the chair.

Tap on the Jacuzzi to view it. Then use the ice block on it to place it in the water.
Part 5

Tap the control panel, then set the heat control on the left to 'HI'. Back up and the ice will melt so that you can collect a key.

Go back to the initial scene and use the key on the door to the left. Tap to collect the green towel from inside.

Next select the towels in your inventory and place them on the shelves to the left. Make a note of the number of each colour of towels.

Tap again on the jacuzzi and then on the control panel.
Part 5

Set the controls for each of the 6 coloured buttons to the same as the number of towels.

Once done you will get a message and you can take a look at the pattern of water jest in the tub. Remember this clue.
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Next tap on the cabin in the distance.
Part 5

Star: under the small window on the left of the building.

You will see some ice blocks on a frozen lake and some ice skates.
Collect the skates. Then tap the ice blocks to start a puzzle.
Part 5

You need to move the blocks around by sliding them to try to place a 1 block on the circle with the 1 and the same for 2 and 3. Block that fall in the holes will fall in and fill the hole.

Once done you can tap on the roof of the cabin to collect a square tile.

Next use the ice skate and tap on the front door of the cabin to break away the ice on it. Then tap the door to view the special snow flake lock.
Part 5

Tap each arm of the snowflake to change the number of lines it has. Use a clue above to set it correctly.
Hint: Jacuzzi jets
Solution: The strength of each jacuuzi jet will tell you how many line to set on each arm.
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You can now enter the cabin.
Part 5

Star: in the light on the ceiling.

Tap to collect the shovel from the back wall. Then tap the blue box on the let to open it and collect a basketball.

Use the basketball and tap the plank on the roof on the left to dislodge it. Collect a plastic key.

Use the key and tap on the snow blower in the center to move it.

Tap on the tool rack on the left wall to view a clue. Notice the tools resemble letters.
Part 5

Next use the shovel on the panel in the floor to lift it. Then tap on the floor to view this puzzle.
Part 5

Place the extra tile that you collected earlier into the puzzle and then arrange the pieces into the squares. You can tap them to rotate them.
Hint: See the clue above for help. Place the letter in the order shown by the numbers of tools. You should spell out 3 words.Show
Solution: Part 5Show

You will now find a hidden passage under the floor. Finding this clue completes Part 5, you can now move on to Part 6. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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