Adventure Escape: Murder Inn

Part 4

Part 4
Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Guide

In Part 4 of Murder Inn you need to get into Jays old room to look for more clues.
Part 4

Star: on the top of the table lamp to the left.

Tap on the binoculars on the chair to the right to collect them. Then tap on the curtains to open and view the balcony. Tap outside to move and see the view of the lift.
Part 4

Use the binoculars on the view to watch the ski list and find some number clues.
Clues: Green 7, red 9, orange 3, yellow 5Show

Notice the bowl of fruit on the table. note the 4 colours of the fruits and the number of each.

Back inside tap the plant pot on the right to move it and then collect a key. Use the key on the cabinet in the center to open it and find a remote control. Enter a 4 digit code.
Hint: Fruits will give you and order the ski lifts have the numbers.Show
Solution: 1 orange, 2 pears (green), 3 apples (red), 4 banana (yellow). Use the numbers on the ski lift of the same colours.Show
Code: 3795Show

You can now access the attic.
Part 4

Star: on a roof beam on the top right.

Tap the photo album on the book shelf to view it. Note the photo with the ice hockey player, the whale on the shirt and the number 9.
Part 4

Tap on the square display box on top of the book shelf to start a puzzle.
Part 4

This is based on a suduku game. You need to fill in all the pieces without repeating any in each row, column or 3x3 square. Tap each un-highlighted box to change the piece in it.
Solution: Part 4Show

Collect a key and then use the key on the small suitcase in the cot in the bottom right. Inside are 2 hockey shirts for the polar bears (2) and the leopards (5).

Go back down to the lower room and check the Guests book on the table. The message is a clue to an order.
Now open the padlock for the room.
Part 4

Hint: The message has an order of words for Whale, Polar Bear and Leopards. The hockey shirts of each team have a number.Show
Code: 925Show

Enter Jays room.
Part 4

Star: desklamp on the far right.

First tap on the trophy shelf at the back to see a clue.
Part 4
Clue: The 2 trophies have roman numerals on them. I V XShow
Next tap on the clock on the left wall. Use the clue above to set the hands.
Solution: Set the time to 3:50 (10 to 4)Show
You can now collect a key

Use the key on the left white drawer on the right of the room. Collect a video game cartridge.

Now go back up into the attic.

Tap to collect the Christmas lights from the floor. Collect the video game controller from the box.

Tap the red carpet roll to move it and find a power outlet. Use the Christmas lights on the socket to plug them in and connect the games console. Then use the cartridge on the console and finally the controller to start the game.
Part 4

You now need to play the game. each movement will move the mice in opposite direction. Avoid the cats and get the mice to the correct cheese plate. Blue and pink are on opposite sides. You need to complete the game quickly to get on the high score list to proceed.

Once done you will see the top score for Jay.

Go back down to Jays room

Tap on the right white drawer to see a code entry. Use the high score from the video game to unlock it.
Code: 240Show

Find a paper with a clue written
Part 4

In the desk to the right is a pad. Tap to view the code clue.
Part 4

Tap on the foot of the bed to the left of the room to find a case under the sheets on the floor.
Use the clues above to find a code for this.
Hint: I SEE LIES can become the code numbers using the clues on the pad.Show
Solution: Rotate the words to read them upside down and backwardsShow
Code: 5317 3351Show

Open the case to find a final clue for this chapter.
Part 4

Finding this clue completes Part 4, you can now move on to Part 5. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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