Adventure Escape: Murder Inn

Part 3

Part 3
Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Guide

In Part 3 of Murder Inn you have come to the office to check the security system. The system is down due to the power outage so you need to reboot it first.
Part 3

Star: on a water jug on the far right.

Notice the photo on the wall to the right. It has symbols and names for 3 ski runs.
Part 3

Tap the knitting basket on the floor to collect a knitting needle.
Use the knitting needle on the small hole in the wall to the left by the pot plant. Collect a paper with a clue to rebooting the system.
Part 3

Tap the drawers on the right of the desk to open one and find a paper with another clue.
Hint: the drawing is of a snow monster.Show
Solution. The symbol for the snow monster run is a diamond shape with points up, right, left and down.Show
Set the dials in clockwise order to point in the directions: Up (12 o'clock), Right (3 o'clock), Down, (6 o'clock), Left (9 o'clock)Show

Now that the system is working we need to look for the footage of the killer.
Part 3

The dials will change the date and time to show you different views, The dials are for:
Day - Month - Time - Scene

Use the clues around the room to work out the correct day and time, then select the scene to find the image of the killer.

Day / Month: Calendar on the wall tells us it is the 12th Dec - 12 12.
Time: Clock on wall ways 7:15. Clock on the side tells us power came back on 45 minutes ago. So we need to look before 18:30.
Scene: The hall outside Emma's room where we were in the previous part.

Checking the footage shows us Emma entering the room at 18:00 and a figure with a gun approaching at 18:15
Part 3
Part 3
Tap on this second scene to proceed.

Now we have identified a coat we need to search the locker room for it.
Part 3

Tap to collect the screwdriver from the floor. Then tap to collect the ski pole from the left. Use the ski pole to tap near the green bag on the top left to collect a piece of map.

The locker on the far right is unlocked and you can open it to find a second piece of a map.

Also on the far right wall is a map. Tap to view then and then place the 2 extra pieces. This is a clue.
Part 3

View the locker on the far left to find a padlock with a combination. Each dial has symbols next to it. Use these and the map above to work out the combination.

Solution: This one is complicated. The map shows many routes down the mountain, each one with symbols along the way. There are 9 total exits at the bottom, numbers 1-9 from left to right (2 and 6 are specified).
Find routes from top to bottom that follow the patterns of symbols and see which exit they lead to.

Code: 4859Show

Open the locker and tap the shoes to move them, then collect the shuffle board disc.

Tap the doorway at the back left to move through to the next room.
Part 3

Star: on the lampshade to the top left.

Tap the sofa on the left to lift the center cushion, then collect the batteries. On the table is a photo screen. Tap to rotate this and then tap again to open the battery compartment. Add the batteries.
You can now view an image with a clue.

Tap the table on the back left to view a shuffleboard game. Place the blue piece on the board and then arrange them to mach a clue.
Part 3

Hint: the image shows the words December 26 in red and blue.
Solution: Place the pieces so that Red scores 12 points (December) and blue scores 26
Image: Part 3Show

You can now collect a red checker from the table.

Tap the checker board to view it. Place the red checker on it
Part 3
Place the checkers as instructed.

Solution: Part 3Show

You can now collect a key.

Return to the locker room and open the final locker. Tap on the coat to confirm that it seems to be the one we are looking for.

Finding this clue completes Part 3, you can now move on to Part 4. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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