Adventure Escape: Murder Inn

Part 9

Part 9
Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Guide

Part 9 is the final chapter in Murder Inn. The killer has escaped into the night and now you need to catch him.

Part 9

Use the flashlight in the dark to look for and collect the snowmobile parts.

Part 9

Ski x 2
Gear x 2

Once done locate the main snowmobile and place all the parts on it.

Star: Top center of the scene just below the roof.

Tap the buttons next to the garage door to open it and then tap the dog.
Part 9

Next is a puzzle game to locate footprints and avoid animal prints. You need to tap quickly on the human footprints to progress.
Part 9

Once you complete it you will enter a second puzzle game. You need to trap Jay and stop him reaching the edge of the puzzle.

Part 9

This is turn base and you have 4 pieces to move. Keep moving pieces in turn toward jay to force him to back away from the edges.

Once Jay can no longer move without encountering one of your pieces the puzzle is over and you have captured him.

Part 9

The game concludes with the rest of the story.

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