Adventure Escape: Murder Inn

Part 2

Part 2
Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Guide

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In Part 2 of Murder Inn you are investigating the disappearance of Emma. In the hallway we find boots and skis.
Part 2

Star: On a light bulb top center

Tap the open doorway to the left to pass into the laundry room. Here you meet Greta.
Part 2

Star: Top center on a light bulb.

Tap on the drawer to the right of the stool to open and collect a small key.

Tap the hockey shirts hanging on on the right to move them and see a clue 'Just Play' To the left of this is a cupboard door. Use the key to open it and collect the laundry basket
Place the laundry in the top machine to wash and then discover a note with the name Jay.

Tap the tall cupboard to the right of the laundry machines to open and collect a vacuum cleaner. Use this on the spilled powder on the floor to clean it. You can then tap and view the mat back out in the hall way to see this image.
Part 2

Back in the hallway, tap on the skis to the right to view the full line up.
Part 2

You now tap pairs of skis to swap them and arrange them so that the heights match the pattern in the doormat image above.
Solution: Part 2Show

Once done the panel to the left of the locked door will be open. This is a safe.
Part 2

The 3 digit code can be found from 2 clues above.
Hint: The note in the washing and the picture message on the wall.Show
Solution: Find the letters JAY in the message JUST PLAYShow
Code: 178Show

Part 2
Inside are many keys, you need 2 to open the door. The clue for which keys to use can be seen on the door.
Hint: The sign on the door has 4 numbers in the letters.Show
Solution: 1321 -> get keys 13 and 21Show

Once in the room you find Emma's body.
Part 2

Star: Top center

Tap around the room to place the number tags on evidence that you want to photograph.

Place them as follows: Handbag, Body, wooden chest under the window, bullet holes in the window, blood splatter on the bed post to the left.Show
Part 2/spoiler]

On the bed to the left tap the pillows to move one and then collect a wood tile. Collect a second tile from under the leg of the body. The third is found by tapping the red blanket on the far bed to move it.
Collect also a carving knife from the table by the door.

Next tap the chest under the window to find a puzzle. Place the 3 tiles onto the puzzle to start.
Part 2

Now tap pairs to swap them and double tap tiles to rotate them to arrange them so that the adjacent symbols match across tiles and the correct symbols match next to the ones on the chest.
Solution: Part 2Show

Once done open the chest to find a large spider. Use the vacuum to remove the spider. Then use the craft knife to collect the bullet.

Next you will need to examine the bullet for some stats to search a database.
Part 2

Length: 19.7
Diameter: 8.2
# grooves: 6
Groove Depth: 1.5
Twist: right

This tells you - .270 caliber SlyHunter rifle.

Finding this clue completes part 2, you can now move on to Part 3. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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