Dark Fear

6. Corrina

6. Corrina
Dark Fear Guide

1. Buy some stronger bolts from Olaf and then Go back to the fire icon and sprinkle the Sage (From the dead baby's coffin under the stairs at the plantation house) on the fire that you started with the Reeds (from the pond by the Blacksmith) and the matches (from the cabin).

Corrina has 400 HP.

2. When she dies, she will drop a silk scarf. 300 Gold and a map piece.

3. Put the scarf in the fire and collect a vial of honey from the bees nest in the tree.

4. Take the scarf back to the lady at the Dead Tree. She will be stoked, give you some fire crystals, the last map piece and restore the tree. Pick some Rosemary from the bush once the landscape is restored.

5. You can restore your health here every three minutes.

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