Dark Fear

2. Ravenwood: The Blacksmith, Armament, Gunther, Healer

2. Ravenwood: The Blacksmith, Armament, Gunther, Healer
Dark Fear Guide

1. The next location will kind of act as your home base.

2. Combine the bucket with the rope and lower it down into the well to get 20 Coins.

3. Talk to the Blacksmith to get a Short Sword for 30 coins.

4. He will send you off to fight some wolves in Nightshade Forest.

5. Fight the three wolves for 60 coins.

6. Go talk to Seema to learn about the Tree Demon.

7. Seema sends you back to Nightshade for Belladonna to awaken the Tree Demon.

8. She gives you Medicinal Papers to use for picking it, ten coins and a healing potion.

9. Go back to the forest where you fought the wolves, use the papers to pick the berries and pick up a Stick on the opposite side of the tree from the berries.

10. Take the berries back to Seema and get your Tree Demon gunk.

11. Go to Olaf and upgrade your weapon to a Long Sword for 65 coins.

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