Dark Fear

3. Nightshade Forest

3. Nightshade Forest
Dark Fear Guide

1. Pour the potion onto the tree on the second screen of the forest and knock three times.

2. The Tree Demon will hit your for 8 HP every time, so make sure you hit him as hard as you can.

3. When he dies, you will get 150 coins. Pick up the doll he dropped and a blob of the stuff oozing out of the tree. That is tar. You'll come back here a few times for it.

4. Go back to Olaf. Buy the new weapon. Show him the doll.

5. Go talk to Seema. Tell her about the Tree Demon and then ask about Emily. You''l learn about your next big fight.

6. Go meet the tailor.

7. Ivan, the tailor, will unlock hunting so you can make some money. Hunting is how you get pelts for both armor and money.

8. Your first hunting location is Nightshade Forest. There you will find Rabbit, Elk, Deer and Badger. You can carry 18 pelts with you at a time, so catch all 18 and go back to get your first armor.

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