Dark Fear

7. Mr Barlow and Carrigberg

7. Mr Barlow and Carrigberg
Dark Fear Guide

1. Sail across the lake.

2. Ring twice and knock three times on the door.

3. Look at the creepy picture than go left.

4. Find the wonky floorboard and use the handsaw to loosen it.

5. Find a box with a padlock and use the Spike from next to the raft in Blackwood Forest to loosen it. Get the magnet.

6. Go back to the creepy picture. Use the magnet on the picture to get a strange object.

7. Go left from the painting to find a door. Use the strange device on the door. Move the stick and hold it until all lights are lit and the door opens.

8. Go through the door and find a box on the floor. Use 739 to open the box and get your map base.

9. Find the light switch.

10. Go back to the room with the fireplace, turn on the lamp, use the map base on the light and put the four pieces of your map together.

11. Go outside to fight Mr. Barlow. You can only use special bolts after every 2 hits with a regular bolt. Healing doesn't count, so have fun.

Mr Barlow- 1970 HP, hits for 70 HP

12. He will drop an amulet piece, a diary and 500 gold.

13. Go back into the house and to the room behind the door where the lights went out. There are some loose bricks, move them to find Victoria's skeleton and a glass jar. Take the jar.

14. Go back to Gunter and tell him what happened to his daughter.

15. Go to Gunter's house, assemble a picture of a lion and get another amulet piece.

16. Upgrade your armor, buy better bolts and stronger potions.

17. Finally, go fight the forest devil with a few cobalt bolts for an amulet piece.

18. Take Mr. Barlow's Diary back to Seema.

19. She will tell you a story and new locations will unlock on the World Map.

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