Dark Fear

5. The Desert, Dr. Eli and The Tree of Life

5. The Desert, Dr. Eli and The Tree of Life
Dark Fear Guide

1. On the World Map, go to the Tree of Live (ironically, the dead tree icon.) Talk to the lady.

2. Go back to the World Map and select the Fire. Assemble the Reeds in the fire pit and light them on fire with the Matches.

3. Go back to the World Map. Go to the Headstone icon. Combine the Metal Plate (from the Blacksmith's Lake) with the Stick (from the forest.) Seal it with the tar. (Then go back and get more so you don't forget...)

4. Dig up a grave and fight Dr. Eli.

Dr. Eli- 120 HP and hits for 30.

5. Get 100 gold for winning and pick up a Silver Key.

6. Go back to the Plantation House. Use the Key to Unlock the Grandfather Clock. Solve the puzzle: 7, 11, 4 ,9, 12. to get a map piece and a key.

7. Use the new key to open the door under the stairs. There is a mummified baby in there. Take some of the sage from around it and take the book that is next to it.

8. OK, now take a break and upgrade your weapons and armor.

9. The Desert will open up. You'll have a few fights before you can do anything though. On the second screen you will fight a giant icky bug. He will drop a fly. pick it up and bring it along.

10. You can hunt in the desert now- Horned Lizard, Kingsnake, Asp and Cobra.

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