Dark Fear

General Hints

General Hints
Dark Fear Guide

    Make sure to collect everything that can be selected while you are in a screen. You will always need it later.

    Armor/Weapon/Bolt upgrades **always occur when you need them.** The tattoos given by the medicine woman are also not optional.

    Don't buy too many of anything as soon as it comes available. Just as many as you'll need for a few battles. Chances are good that you will end up spending more money than you need to and you'll have to hunt for more money.

    Keep collecting the tar every time you use it up.

    If you find yourself stuck, try three things: 1. Go back to all previous screens and look for new stuff. 2. Try combining the items in your inventory. 3. Talk to the people you've met before and show them the items you've collected.

    If a monster keeps killing you, you are either fighting the forest devil and aren't strong enough yet or you need to go get a tattoo from the medicine woman to negate the monster's special effect.

    The birds at the cemetery are the most expensive to sell for pelts.

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