Dark Fear

8. Fireflies and The Ice Queen

8. Fireflies and The Ice Queen
Dark Fear Guide


1. Go to the middle map location of an ice cave and try to pick some flowers.

2. Use your fire crystals that you got from the lady by the Tree of life to open the ice prison.

3. Talk to the Ice Queen.

4. Go outside and take some Ice Crystals to the right of the garden. Exit to the World Map and go to the new location to the right of where you were.

5. Get attacked by a black bear.

6. Throw some Ice Crystals (from next to the ice queen's flower garden) on the lava.

7. Kill the Fire Demon.

8. Use the Vial of Honey (from the beehive where you fought Corrina) to lure the fireflies down and trap them in the jar you found next to Victoria's skeleton at Mr. Barlow's house.

9. Take the fireflies back to the ice queen and pick yourself some flowers. 2 x Scarlet Gilias, 1 x Wild Iris, 2 x Bleeding Hearts, 3 x Mountain Lily, 4 X Golden Lily

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