Dark Fear

6. Blackwood Forest and The Lake

6. Blackwood Forest and The Lake
Dark Fear Guide

1. Show the book that you found by the dead baby to Seema who will offer you protective spells and direct you to Gunter.

2. He will talk to you about Mr. Barlow and let you know that you will need a tattoo that will not allow him to regenerate his health as well as Malachite Bolts to kill him.

3. Go to the new location and kill the bear then look at the spiderweb. Next to the web on the ground, you will find a strand of spider silk.

4. Go back to Seema and give her the silk. She tells you she will need Rosemary and bait. Give her the giant dead fly that you found in the second screen of the desert by the giant worm in the hole.

5. Take the bait back to the spider web and fight the giant spider.
Spider- 450 HP

6. Pick up 300 Gold and spider silk.

7. Heal if you need to the go deeper into the forest to fight a mess of goblins.

8. You can hunt here now. Fox, bobcat wild boar and Jaguar.

9. Hunt enough to up grade your armor.

10. Go to the very back to find a lake. Use the Hand Saw to cut down the trees, pick up the logs and tie them together with the spider silk. Smear some tar from where you fought the goblin to make it waterproof. Pick up the rusty spike that is next to the raft.

11. Make sure you have the best armor and general purpose bolts, the health region tattoo and a few malachite bolts.

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