Dark Fear

4. The Plantation House

4. The Plantation House
Dark Fear Guide

1. You will fight a few more wolves for some extra cash. Go buy a few potions, if you haven't yet.

2. Outside the house, pick up the brick.

3. Go inside. Use the Brick to break the mirror and take the Hook.

4. Go towards the right. Something will crawl across the wall. On the table, take the Olive oil and read the Diary.

5. Go back to the first room. Combine the rope (from in front of the cabin) with the hook (from inside the mirror) and toss it over the stair rail, then climb up.

6. Look at the Sewing Machine and take the Bobbin. Pour the oil (From the desk downstairs) on the lock to loosen it.

7. The combination is Yellow, White, Green, Red.

8. Alphabet Blocks will spill out. Use them to spell "Emily."

9. Go back downstairs with the room where the desk is. Find Emily and fix her doll.

10. Emily, the Porcelain Doll- 250 HP- Hits for 25 HP.

11. You will get an amulet piece.

12. Go back and talk to Olaf, then talk to Seema.

13. She will send you to talk to Gunther by the well. The answer to his riddle is "An Eyeball."

14. He'll teach you how to fish. The only goal of fishing is an achievement and to sell for a few coins.

15. Go back out to the overview of Ravenwood. Tap on the fishing pond. Get a Reed, a Metal Plate. Fish once in the pond to get a bottle. Take the bottle back to the well and smash it to get a map piece.

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