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Review by GuestMay 22nd 2022
I don’t like trust I can not play with my sisters as in Word with Friends
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Review by GuestApr 19th 2022
I love playing but I’m very frustrated at not being allowed to use my ruby hearts.
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Review by GuestMar 20th 2022
Enjoyed it for years but when I got up around 32,000, points just started disappearing. I’m now done to 28,000 — despite having lots of earned but unused tips for letters and words that I have accumulated. I’m going to get rid of the game. .
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Review by GuestFeb 15th 2022
It has been very good for a couple of years now but in recent months seems to be very glitchy with the daily rewards now obsolete and the awful recent weekend update of Star Burst in which Wordscape steals back all the points you have made in rapid succession.
Very disappointed at the unfair and unreliable way in which this game is now progressing ....not reliable or professional any more.
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Review by GuestFeb 6th 2022
Some hot shot came uo with a real losing asoect called Star Rush which I hate. Now I no longer want to play the game because I can't figure out how to turn it OFF.
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Review by GuestFeb 5th 2022
Love Wordscapes sick of star rush not gonna play while it is on
Too bad you do not affer the chance to opt out iof star rush
Makes Wordscapes now worth playing steal all the points you’ve earned just using Wordscapes
Hate star rush you should not force it on people and steal their points
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Review by GuestOct 30th 2021
It was a wonderful game!! Especially the weekend tournaments. They added a new feature called star rush. It’s awful and is keeping me from playing in the weekend tournaments. It need to be removed
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Review by GuestOct 1st 2021
I used to enjoy the weekend tournaments but since star rush was added, I avoid playing. So disappointing because I enjoyed the game and have played it for years. Star rush is not fun. I don’t want to look for a new game but I might have to star rush sticks around. ☹️
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Review by GuestSep 25th 2021
Please oh please…stop with the Starrush, portraits and butterflies. I’m going to have to find a different game. The ads are enough to deal with but all these new things are unbearable.
This review won’t let me submit any lower stars than four…I would give one star
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Review by GuestAug 9th 2021
I am on master level 25142 & now my bullseye hints are not being added into the ones that I already have. At one time it was only occasional, now it's all the time.
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Review by GuestJul 1st 2021
Binoculars absolutely socks. You need to have an "opt out choice. Same goes for your tournaments. Opt out once you've won the top crown.
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Review by GuestMay 15th 2021
I just passed 20000. Really disappointed that it does not end there. All I can getting repeats some are e an ones I just Did the day before. Think I will quit.
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Review by GuestFeb 4th 2021
I liked very much until daily presents stopped—and paying to be AD FREE and still getting ads upwards of 35 minutes—too long? Reboot phone! What a load of hooey!
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Review by GuestFeb 1st 2021
if it would work properly it would be nice
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Review by GuestJan 30th 2021
Too many ads!! Annoying and difficult to x out many.
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Review by GuestOct 19th 2020
The scoring for reward crowns sucks. Anyone who scores outside of the first three players is rewarded with the same crown as the next 30 players. So fourth Place reward you as though you were in 33rd Pl. I hate that. I work hard to help my team and when my name is on the team board it looks like I didn’t do anything. Give me a break…
At least have a top 10 and top 20 catagory! They equated my 5800 points with the player who had 385 points. If I didn’t like my team so much I would stop playing altogether. I’ve cut back a lot. I’m a good player so it’s easy for me to stay in the top 10. But I have to work hard to get 3rd/4th place, and that wasn’t worth it. I would have been in 3rd place but one of the cheaters (they come out of the woodwork at the end) skated right by me in the last five minutes. It’s frustrating; life is to short to be frustrated by developers who won’t fix their own games. The developers of Wordscapes allow cheaters that are blatantly cheating with thousands of points at a time. They reward non-players as though they are children with “participation” points. I don’t know if I’ll keep playing for my team. This game is both fun and it Sucks!
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Review by GuestOct 4th 2020
Screen locked, coins lost. No way to contact Wordscapes
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Review by GuestMay 31st 2020
This is a terrific game but the latest version keeps stalling out on my computer so I have to delete and re-download every few days. Surely they can fix this. The last thing before it stalls is the appearance of the "Join a Tournament" icons. If you don't accept, the landscape image remains but more games appear.
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Review by GuestMay 22nd 2020
Was good in the beginning. After level 6000 the puzzles begin to randomly repeat and there are not many new ones.
The developers stuck in a repeating algorithm to generate repeating puzzles and added a weekend tourney. Now you can join a team. If you want to do well with your team you either cheat by looking up words or you buy coins (the owners preference) to get hints and clues.
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Review by GuestMay 5th 2020
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Review by MimiApr 27th 2020
I loved this game but people are cheating and this is not fun anymore. You need to figure out how if we get stuck we can inquire for that help through teammates or coins. Rated only 2 because of the ability to cheat so easily
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Review by GuestOct 7th 2019
The game is so tight as it doesn’t give any freebies and has way to high of cost for helps. Done with the game unless they have better until they have better enticements and give you more points for finished puzzles. Not impressed!
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Review by GuestSep 14th 2019
The piggybank is a scam to get you to spend money. It is worthless!
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Review by GuestJul 1st 2019
Liked the premise of this word game. However due to the quickness at which it drains my phone battery I have deleted it. Am looking for another fun word game that doesn't drain my phone as quickly!
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