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Tournament FAQ and Guide
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Tournaments in Wordscapes are relatively new and have raised a lot of questions here on our site. So we thought we would list out the common questions and explain some of the details of the events.

There are effectively 2 tournament event, although they occur simultaneously and your progress in one counts for both. The first is base on your individual progress and the second is the team event, this only matters if you have joined a team.

UPDATE: There has now been added an additional tournament that runs on Wednesdays. This is a one day event for your individual progress (no team event) and the crowns earned are less. But you can still make progress towards the seasonal crown points.

When does the tournament start?

Tournaments run over the weekend. The tournament starts at a fixed time which for most will be on Friday evening or Saturday morning. The start time is fixed at Friday 10pm UTC (GMT)
Your start time will depend on your time zone. Some examples are:

PDT - Fri at 15:00
CDT - Fri at 17:00
EDT - Fri at 18:00
GMT - Fri at 22:00
BST - Fri at 23:00
CEST - Sat at 00:00
MSK - Sat at 01:00
IST - Sat at 03:30
WIB - Sat at 05:00
JST - Sat at 07:00
AEST - Sat at 08:00

When does the event end?

The event runs for 55 hours so will end at 3am Monday UTC (GMT) again the time for you will depend on your time zone but the time remaining is shown in the app so you should be able to check how long is left at any time during the tournament.

How do I enter the Tournament?

Completing any normal level during the tournament will gain you star points and enter you into a tournament group of 100 players. You do not need to do anything else to other than play the game as normal.

How to score points in the tournament?

During all normal levels every valid word that you find, both the ones of the puzzle and any extra words will score you 1 star each. At the end of the level your stars are added to your tournament total.

What do you win when playing the tournaments?

Your position in the tournament will gain you credits towards seasonal crown rewards. Entering will get you 10 points, finishing in the top 32 on your group will get you 20 points and finishing in the top 3 will get you higher levels of points.

Your points will add up over time and unlock crowns that appear on your icon to show others how much progress you have made.

The tournaments are divided into 4 seasons lasting 3 months each, at the end of the season you will reset and start again, but you will keep a record of previous seasons crown level reached.

How about the team tournaments?

If you are part of a team then your progress will also be added to the rest of the teams scores. Your team will be competing against others for the top score, the Top 3 teams each weekend will win a share of coins.

Can I change teams during a tournament?

Yes you can change but if you join a team during a tournament your score will not count towards their total and you will not be eligible for any rewards they win. This is to stop players swapping to a winning team towards the end of a tournament. Once the next tournament starts if you are in the team at the beginning then you can contribute.

If you have any more questions for Wordscapes please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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