Hints and boosters in Wordscapes

Hints and boosters in Wordscapes
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When you have trouble finding a word in Wordscapes there are a selection of useful boosters and help items that you can use to give your self a clue and make it easier. So you can work out which one to use when you are stuck below is a list of the items in the game and what they do.

Many of the items can be won as rewards or bought with in the in game coins. All of them can be bought with money in shop packages if required.

Light Bulb - Hints
The light bulb item is a letter 'hint'. Tapping this will reveal 1 random letter on the board. It will be an undiscovered letter tile that is revealed so if you are down to the last word then it will be useful to help you with this.

The hints can be earned in game rewards, daily rewards and also you can request help in the team chat and you can get a free hint if 5 members help you.

If you have run out you can also pay for hints in game with 100 coins.

The rocket help item works in a similar way but will reveal 5 random letters on the board. This is a good way to get started with a level if you are struggling early on.

As before you can get lucky and earn these in rewards and you can pay for them in game with 300 coins.

Arrows / Bullseye
This item lets you choose which letter to reveal. Tap it to activate it and then tap the tile that you want to show the letter for.

Find these occasionally in rewards or buy them with 200 coins while playing.

Bees appear occasionally in the game when you reach certain points as free rewards, but are rare. When you have bees they will be automatically activated on your next game. Up to 4 of your available bees will swarm the game board, reveal letters and place coins on tiles for you to earn when you reveal the word.

Apart from rare rewards points, you can buy them only in the shop for money in packages.

We hope this was useful. Please let us know below if there is anything missing. Or head to the Answers Pages if you have any more questions for this game.

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