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Wordscapes Cheats and Tips

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Hints and boosters in Wordscapes
When you have trouble finding a word in Wordscapes there are a selection of useful boosters and help items that you can use to give your self a clue ..
Tournament FAQ and Guide
Tournaments in Wordscapes are relatively new and have raised a lot of questions here on our site. So we thought we would list out the common ..
How to get Help in Wordscapes
If you find you have any questions about playing Wordscapes you can ask the community here to help by heading to the Answers Page. And of course you ..
Wordscapes is a crossword based word finding game from Peoplefun with a relaxing and scenic atmosphere to the backgrounds and music. The puzzles are ..

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Wordscapes FAQs

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What puzzle level do you have to reach before you can play in the weekly tourneys?

Don't know the exact number, but I'm on game 1,488 and I've been playing tourneys for awhile. That's why I'm thinking its likely 1,000 or 1,200 that triggers it. It could also have to do with the number of coins earned or Brilliance points. This is only one of a myriad of things they don't explain. That's why I'm just having fun playing it, not to compare with others. (Must admit coming in third in the last tourney surprised me, and I got a kick out of it becauseI didn't play more than my usual games during the tourney. Have fun! ... + 1 More Answers

How do you spend the coins? I’ve got lots but when I tap on them it just opens up the shop.

If you have any “lightbulb”. clues left, the coins are not useful. But if you use up all your hints, THEN holding down the lightbulb gives you a hint and deducts coins. Most people who play this game seriously have a bunch of hints saved and will never need the coins. ... + 3 More Answers

How do I get rid of ads?

Click on the shopping cart on the bottom of the home screen. It’ll give you options to buy coins, bees, and a bunch of other stuff. Look for the “Remove ads”. I think it’s $2.99. ... + 2 More Answers

What is a piggy bank even for?? And WHY would I want to buy it?!?!

The piggy bank is something that developers are trying these days to tempt you into buying coins. The bank collects coins and you have to pay to open it and collect them. Usually gaining coins in this way is a little cheaper than buying them would normally be and if you are happy to spend money on the game to support the games development then it is a useful bonus. If you don't want to spend money on the game then you do not have to buy it. ... + 2 More Answers

What is the brilliance score used for?

Absolutely nothing!! ... + 6 More Answers

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I have played for 3 years. I had to reset my phone again. This is the 3rd problem I had with my phone. Support told me that they respond in a short time. 5 days later still not fixed. I wrote to Kenny, useless, very argumentive from Peoplefun. Everyone in my group complains about him. No help. They told me to backup ..

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