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How to Get Free LifeStyle Points

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How to Get Free LifeStyle Points

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There are a number of ways to get free LP in the Sims FreePlay, but the best way for sure is via Hobbies, and specifically, the Cooking Hobby. Once you complete a hobby task you will receive an icon for your grid, once the grid has completed you'll get a small LP reward. We have found that the cooking hobby is usually the most efficient in terms of time needed to complete, but you should vary it up a bit so different Sims have different hobbies and they are not all cooks!

One popular suggestion is to get a group of 10 Sims together in one house just cooking cheese on toast, that is a really efficient way to grind free LP in The Sims FreePlay.

To do this you will need a cooking station for each Sim and a number of toasters so that they are easily accessible for all sims. Actually you just really need one toaster, but you may prefer more if you have a large group of Sims doing this.

After your Sims have reached level 6 in a hobby they will also get an LP bonus. At that point, if you are LP grinding, you should set them off to complete a different hobby so as to reset their hobby level and you can go complete the Cooking Hobby again from 0 and gain that LP bonus once your Sims reach Level 6 again. Just a note - You should leave one Sim with the maxed Cooking Hobby that way all of the grid items will be available to be acquired.

You may notice that in the beginning of a hobby only the first three rows of a hobby grid can be filled. Once a single Sim has got to level 6 (max level) the final two rows become unlocked and any Sim can gain items that will fill the grid in those final two rows.

Another way to get Free LP is to enter Competitions at the Competition Center. However, to stand a chance of getting a placing that earns LP you do have to have the hobby relating to the competition maxed.

You also get free LP each time you level up your game, but there is only so many times this can be done, and each level requires more XP than the last.

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