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How to Make More Simoleans Easy in Sims FreePlay

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How to Make More Simoleans Easy in Sims FreePlay

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Here are a few great ways to make Simoleans in Sims FreePlay. Avoid the online hacks that risk getting you banned or compromising your data, and avoid paying real cash for Simoleans with these handy tips to earn cash in the Sims FreePlay.

How to Make More Simoleans Easy in Sims FreePlay

1) Get a Job
All of your Sims need to get a job, or if they are not old enough, go to school. This way, all Sims will be bringing in a steady stream of Simoleans over time.

The amount of Simoleans you get this way will depend on your chosen career, and also what stage of that career you are in.

The best strategy is to send you Sims to work when you have the time to just log in briefly and then later in the day when you want to play the game for a longer period, collect all of the Simoleans that they have earned.

2) Gardening
If you have a bit more time to play the Sims, then you might want to set a few Sims doing some gardening tasks, if helps if they are Inspired when they are doing tasks like this as they will earn more.

And just like with jobs, if you are going to be away from the game for some time, choose a crop that corresponds with the time you will be away for, and get all of your available Sims growing it, that way when you come back you'll be able to collect the Simoleans quickly and send your Sims off to their next task.

3) Log in Daily
There are daily rewards delivered via the Mail Box, the amount will vary according to your town values.

4) Complete Weekly Tasks
Progress through the weekly tasks for free Simolean and LP bonuses

5) Simolean Sprout Spin
Whenever it is available to you, check out the Simolean Sprout plant and give it a Spin you should get in return more Simoleans than you spend on the spin.

6) Check out the Party Boat
Along with the daily and weekly tasks, you should remember to log into the Party Boat once a day for a small reward usually of Simoleans.

7) Add some pets
Pets can be another great way to get some extra Simoleans for free in The SIms FreePlay. Only adult pets will dig up Simoleans or LP.

8) Japanese Retreat Real Estate Trick
This involves purchasing the Japanese Retreat and selling all of the expensive furniture in it. This really only works at the beginning of the game, or if you want to start your town over by destroying everything in it.

This is a nice trick to earn money by selling the contents and rooms of a new house. But it comes at the price of development.

So basically you purchase the Japanese Retreat, then sell all of the items and rooms in it, then, delete the house and do it over and over until you have enough Simoleans, each time you do this you will make over 60,000 Simoleans in profit. You just need to earn the initial 9000 Simoleans before you can purchase the first Japanese Retreat.

Another catch is that you can only do this trick when you have up to one or two other houses in your Town, any more than that and prices and time go up too much.

As you do this over and over you may want to not sell all of the items and keep some of the three star items that come with the Japanese Retreat and use those items to furnish other houses to help you complete general tasks more quickly as 3 star items always complete tasks quicker than standard items.

Now with a big start in your profits and only one or two houses in your town you should purchase the most expensive house you can currently afford, one other great architect homes for example, because if you wait until later in the game to do this, it will be a lot more expensive than it currently is.

You can also continue to build your public buildings independently of the housing lots, they will not affect the price or time taken to build housing lots. It's a good idea to spend some of your profit from the Japanese House trick build these public buildings so your sims have everything they need for their hobbies and careers.

We hope these few ways to make easy Simoleans are useful to you! Check out our guide on How to Get Free LifeStyle Points next.

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