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Love is in the Air

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Complete the Love is in the Air quest to unlock the ability for your Sims to get married! It's the first step to your very own Sim-family! This is a 2 day quest. If you can complete it within the initial time period of two days, without adding extra time, you will get a limited time prize.

Quick Rinse in a Shower - 6 secs
Tap a shower and select the Quick Rinse option

Get 2 Sims in 1 House
Go to a house and call either one or two Sims using the Sim Tracker to the house (using the whistle). If you already have two Sims in a house this will auto-complete.

Have a Sim Be Romantic with Another Sim - 1 Min
Tap one of the two Sims that are in the same house and choose the Be Romantic option.

Make Espresso - 20 seconds
You'll need a coffee machine to do this task. Open the Home Store menu and go to kitchen and select a coffee machine. Place it somewhere then tap it and choose the Espresso option

Flirt with Another Sim - 5 mins
Tap one of the Sims that are in the house and choose the flirt option.

Form a budding romance - 1 min
Have two Sims be romantic to each other by selecting the Be Romantic option which takes 1 minute until they have a budding romance.

Have 2 Sims Watch a Movie 1 hour 54 Mins
Tap a TV select Watch a Movie. Then tap the TV again and you should see the join in option. Tap that and your two Sims should be watching a movie together.

Form a Dating Relationship
Have two Sims keep being romantic to each other until they form a dating relationship. There are other options available such as kiss hand which also contributes to relationship, it may be quicker to use this option as opposed to waiting one minutes between each click of be romantic.

Have a Sim kiss each other on the cheek - 2 secs
Tap a Sim and select the kiss cheek option

Send a Sim Home
Tap the Sim Tracker and send a Sim home. You can do this by tapping the house icon that has the arrow inside it.

Have a Catnap - 30 mins
Tap a bed and select the catnap option

Have 2 Sims in the Same House
Use the Sim Tracker and whistle icon to call two Sims to the same house.

Be Romantic to Another Sim - 1 min
Tap one of the Sims and select the be romantic option.

Become Partners
Have two Sims continue be romantic until they go from Dating to Parters

Get two Sims to WooHoo - 5 mins
Now your Sims are partners they can WooHoo! Tap one of the Sims that are Partners and select the WooHoo option.

Buy 2 Roses
You can get roses via the Home Store > Outdoors > Trees, Plants and Flower, then you should see a vase of Roses, you'll need two of these, each one costs 100 Simoleans.

Get Engaged
Have two Sims Be Romantic to each other until one is ready to propose marriage. When you get this task you may already see the 'Propose' Option, select it if it is available then you can use the ring that the game gives you at this point to complete the action. If you cannot propose, then keep being romantic until you have this option available to you.

Call about Engagement - 4.5 hours
Tap a phone in your house and select the option Call About Engagement

Make Two Engaged Sims Move in Together - 4 secs
Now that your Sims are engaged they should move in together. Tap on a Sim's Fiance and ask them to move in.

Have Three Sims in a House
Now you have two Sims moved in together you have a spare house, use it to add a new Sim to the Town, and then go to the house with the Two Sims already there, and use Sim Tracker to whistle this new Town member to your home.

Get Married - 6 seconds
To get married you must have 2 engaged Sims be romantic to each other until their relationship bar is full. At that point the Get Married action will be available.

This completes the Love is in the Air Quest and you have now unlocked the ability for your Sims to get married! If you managed to complete the quest within 2 days then the Wedding Bundle will be unlocked, you can find your new outfits from the Wedding Bundle in the Create-a-Sim menu.

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