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Bread Winner

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The Bread Winner quest is the first quest you are invited to complete after you have finished the tutorial. It is essential to complete the Bread Winner Quest to unlock the Cooking Hobby. The Cooking Hobby is a great way to earn free Life Points (LP).
Bread Winner Quest
Bread Winner Quest

To complete any quest you need to go through a set of simple quest instructions in the game, some can be performed straight away and others need some time to complete. Here are the instructions and times need to Complete Bread Winner

Watch Sim Chef on TV - 3 mins
Go to a house with a TV, a tap the TV and select Watch Sim Chef

Speeding up actions.
It is possible to speed up actions in The Sims FreePlay by suing LifePoints (LP), this is the premium currency in the game. On this page we show you a number of ways to get easy ways to get free LP in Sims FreePlay

Buy a Stove
Tap the Home Store Icon (the icon with a chair and lamp at the bottom middle of the screen) and then go the Kitchen Tab (scroll across the tabs and select the one resembling an oven and fridge). You should now see all of the items available to purchase for the Kitchen. Select a stove and purchase it. At this point when you are just starting out in the game, best to select the cheapest one.

Cook Bacon and Eggs on a Stove - 5 mins
Ideally with the Stove correctly placed in your kitchen, and facing into the room so your Sim has access to it, tap the Stove, select the Cooking option and select Bacon and Eggs.

This now gives the Sim that is cooking the Cooking Hobby. The Cooking hobby is really useful later in the game for generating free LP as explained here: Cooking Hobby to get free LP

Eat Bacon and Eggs - 10 mins
Tap the Bacon and Eggs that you just made and tap the Grab a Plate option.

Wash the Dishes - 3 seconds
Tap the plate left on the table and Clean Up

Search Bookshelf - 2 hours 42 minutes
In a house tap a bookcase and select it and choose the task Search Bookcase

Buy a Toaster -
Go to the Home Store > Kitchen and select a toaster to purchase. If you are just starting out in the game, select the cheapest one. Drag it into the kitchen and rotate it so it is facing outwards as indicated by the green arrow.

Cook Cheese and Tomato on Toast - 1 min
Tap your new toaster, select cooking and choose Cheese and Tomato on Toast

Eat Cheese and Tomato on Toast - 10 mins
Tap the plate of Cheese and Tomato on Toast and select from the options Grab a Plate.

Invite a Sim Over -
Use the Sim Tracker to Whistle for a Sim to join you at the same house. If you already have all of your Sims in the same house, this task will auto complete.

Cook Burgers - 20 mins
The ability to cook burgers is unlocked when you reach level 2 of the cooking hobby. If you have not unlocked burgers, then cook some more bacon and eggs or cheese on toast until you reach level 2 in the cooking hobby.

Call to Meal - 10 Mins
Tap the plate of burgers that you just made and select Call to Meal, this will get both Sims eating the burgers

Rest your Eyes on a Couch - 5 Mins
Tap the sofa in a room and select the option rest eyes.

This completes the Bread Winner Quest and you have now unlocked the Cooking Hobby.
Unlocking the Cooking Hobby
Unlocking the Cooking Hobby

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