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Money Grows on Trees

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Money Grows on Trees

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Running low on Simoleans? Complete the Money Grows on Trees quest to unlock the Simolean Sprout.

Grow Some Carrots -
Go thte Home Store Icon and select outdoors. From the first tab select garden patch and place it somewhere outside of your house. Once it has been laid, you can exit the home store menus and tap the garden patch and select grow carrots, They take 5 minutes to grow but the task completes immediately as you begin to grow them.

Watch a Documentary - 1 hour
Tap a TV in a house and select the option watch a documentary- If you don't have one you can purchase one from the Home Store > Furniture > Remote Control Icon.
Make a double shot of coffee - 1 min
You'll need a coffee machine to do this task. Open the Home Store menu and go to kitchen and select a coffee machine. Any of the coffee machines will be able to make a double shot. I our beginner house, I used the Home Store Menu > House to extend the size of the kitchen, then went to Home Store > Furniture > Counter Tops and added a couple more counters.
Coffee Machine
Coffee Machine

Then went to Home Store > Furniture > Kitchen and selected the Grind o Matic Coffee Machines and placed it on one of the new counters in my enlarged kitchen! You con't have to do all that you can just purchase the coffee machine and put it anywhere! Then just select the Coffee Machine and choose the double shot option.

Grow a Simolean Sprout
Tap a garden patch and select the option for Simolean Sprout.
Simolean Sprout
Simolean Sprout

Once the Simolean Sprout has grown you get the chance to play for a prize.

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