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Two and a Half Sims

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The Two and a Half Sims Quest becomes available directly after the Love is in the Air Quest has been completed. It is a two day quest and if you complete it in time you'll be able to have babies in The Sims FreePlay. If you can complete it within the initial time period of two days, without adding extra time, you will get a limited time prize.

Note: Although you have two days to complete this quest, if you want to do it within the alloted time, you need to get up to the final task of adding a baby with 24 hours, because it will take 24 hours for your baby to arrive after you have placed your crib.

Be Nice to a Sim - 1 min
Tap one of the Sims in a house and select the Be Nice option. For this to be available two Sims must be in the same house.

Expand or Create a Room
To go to the room editor menu, tap the Home Store icon and then select House, you can then edit, add and remove rooms. To expand a room tap the wall that you want to move in order to expand the room and drag it outwards to make the room bigger. The increase in size will come at a cost, so if you are just starting the game, don't make it too big - You can't make everything as big as you want when you are rolling in Simoleans! Check out our Real Estate Money Trick for details on how to get loads of Simoleans easily.

Spend 450 Simoleans on Wallpaper and Flooring
Go to the Home Store and select house, then tap the floor or wall tabs, they are directly after the rooms tab. Now just select the flooring or wallpaper that you want to add to your room. The game will tell you how much it costs. If you are changing the walls, select the wall type that you want, then tap a wall in the room you want to decorate, the game will tell you how much it's costs. Don't go mad, you only need to spend 450 to complete this task.

Read Better Farms and Cradles Magazine - 7 mins 12 secs
To do this you need to get some magazines! Go to the Home Store, select Furniture and scroll to the right until you see the 'Stack of Magazines' purchase those, they cost 600 Simoleans, but you need them to past this part of the quest. Place them in a room of your house, come out of the Home Store, tap the magaines and select Better Farms and Cradles.

Have a Double Shot of Coffee - 1 minute
Tap the coffee machine in your house and select double shot

Watch Dr Cots on TV - 20 mins
Tap a TV and select watch Dr Cots

Build the Children's Store / 1.5 hours - 1000 Simoleans - 4 Sims in town
Find the icon for the Children's Store on the Town Map and build it. You can find it just below the river, near the red bridge. The greyed-out icon should be slowly flashing. You will need 4 Sims in your town and the build costs 1000 Simoleans.

Buy a Crib - 2000 Simoleans
Tap the Children's Store and purchase one of the cribs, the cheapest is the white crib, for 2000 Simoleans.

Add a Baby - 24 hours
To add a baby, place a crib in a home then tap the Add Sim button above the crib. You can find the crib that you just purchased in the Home Store, in the inventory section

This completes the Two and a Half Sims quest, Sims are now able to have their own babies, Simply buy a crib, add a baby and voila!

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