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The Sims FreePlay has for years been one of the outstanding and most played games on mobile devices. Making progress in the game requires a lot of time as many things are time locked, which is why a lot people are looking for Sims FreePlay Cheats. Either cheats for more Life Points (LP), Social Points (SP), free Simoleans cheats or even cheats that will hack into the game.

Updated for 2020, below we have some Sims FreePlay cheats to help you out in the game, and we'll also try to persuade you not to download Sims FreePlay hack cheats as these can be damaging to your device, the game developers and you may get banned from the game.

Sims FreePlay Cheats 2020

There are a number of cheats and tricks that you can use in the game legitimately in order to get free Life Points and generally get through your quests quicker, here is our list updated for 2020.

How to Get Free Simoleans

Simoleans are the regular currency in The Sims FreePlay. A great way to earn more Simoleans is to keep your Sims inspired and send them to work, an inspired Sim will generally earn more Simoleans. The top earning occupation is musician. Promote your Sims and they will earn more Simoleans.

How to Get Free LP

Like SP and Simoleans, extra free LP can be hard to get. But here are a few free LP tips that should help you get some.

Get the Mail Man, he'll get you one or two free LP a day. If you have the Petstore then some of the cats and dogs will bring you back free LP, depends on the breed.

Completing hobbies is also a good way of getting free LP, a lot of people do this with the cooking hobby, once you have completed it all some free LP should come your way. Each time you complete the hobby, you get 5 LPs after the first chopping boards.

Competing at the Competition Center is another way for experienced FreePlayers to get their hands on some free LP. We recommend that you make sure that any events that you try out for your hobbies for that event are maxed in order for you to stand the best chance of getting first place.

For newbies, leveling up will also get you some free LP as well as unlocking lots of new items.

Read up more about these tricks for more LP and some other methods on our guide page: How to get free Lifestyle Points.

How to Get Money Fast

There is a great trick which still works in 2020 for players that are using a new game account. Simply earn enough Simoleans in the game to be able to make the first house you purchase the Japanese House, it's about 7000 Simoleans, then simply go in the house and sell everything! The furniture, the rooms etc... and you'll make well over 60,0000 Simoleans back.

Once everything has been removed, and the lot deleted, you can repeat this process as many times as you like. Juts make sure you only have up to one other house, if you have more in the game, then the price of the Japanese House (and all other houses) will be higher.

Other good ways to get money in the Sims FreePlay in 2020 include working, baking and gardening. The more Sims you can do this with, the more money you'll make or garden. For example, getting a load of Sims in a house to all plant tomatoes is a good way to grind money in FreePlay.

Find out how to do this trick in more detail, and some other ways to earn loads of cash fast in The Sims Freeplay by following this link on our site: How to make more Simoleans easy in The Sims Freeplay

Sims FreePlay Hacks

A simple search on the internet will reveal a lot of offers of Sims FreePlay hacks, we 100% recommend that you DO NOT install or try or even click on any of these links. Oftentimes you will be asked to fill in surveys or give you mobile number and receive nothing in return. Other times you may risk your device being compromised or being banned from The Sims FreePlay.

So, as tempting as they are you should stay away from too good to be true free cheat and hack offers for The Sims FreePlay.

Stuck and Need Help?

If you are stuck and need some help with The Sims FreePlay, check out our Answers Page you may find your answer there, or you can ask your own question.


The Sims™ FreePlay Walkthrough

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The Sims™ FreePlay FAQs

We have 51 questions and 27 answers for The Sims™ FreePlay. View Them

How to check in at the Nightclub?

First select the Nightclub from the map, it is located in the right of the town (the east), it may have an icon of dancing Sims above it. Then ue the Sim Tracker to call an adult Sim to the nightclub. Then tap Kam Ham - the guy at the nightclub, to get the check in option.

How to get free VIP Points?

You can now get 1 vip point every 90 days you log in. So to get to vip 1 it will take 3.7 years. ... + 1 More Answers

How to demolish a house?

If you want to start a new house over to help make your next house cheaper you can sell all of the items in each room, then sell the individual rooms themselves. Then, if you want to demolish the house or lot, you need to move any existing Sims out of the house or delete (abandon) them. Once that is done, you can click the lot with the house removed and you will be invited to add a Sim etc... If you scroll to the right there is the option to demolish house, select that, and then you can build a new house on that lot.

How to check mail?

Tap one of the mail boxes outside any of the houses the check your mail and get the daily reward.

How to delete a room?

Using the Home Store Menu, select Rooms, then tap the room you want to delete, and use the red Simoleans sign to sell the room and place all items in inventory.

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The Sims™ FreePlay Reviews

The Sims: FreePlay
The Sims: FreePlay
EA didn't invent the freemium city-builder, but what it did do was balance it so that gamers could play the game without constantly resenting the way that it seeks to pry ..Read full review
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