Spotlight: Room Escape

How to play Spotlight: Room Escape
Spotlight: Room Escape Guide

How to play Spotlight: Room Escape

The Basics

If you are unfamiliar with room escape games you may find it hard to figure out what to do and how to work your way through the maze of rooms, items to find and puzzles to solve.

THe basic idea to search your way through each available area of the room or are you are currently trapped in and find items to pick up to use and doors and furniture to open and discover clues.

Each area you have access to will have something to aid you, although it may not be obvious at first or immediately accessible. You will typically need to find item A to help you get item B to give you a clue to open box C to get another item etc and so on.


You can navigate around the areas by tapping on doors to move into rooms. Using the arrows that appear when needed to the left and right to switch views in a room and the arrow at the bottom if its there to back out of an area or a room.

Tapping on some items such as cupboards or draws will move you in closer and let you access them.
In most places, cupboards and draws can be opened. Some pictures can be moved and items may be hidden behind them.

Some items will be left for you to collect from inside furniture or on the floor. We suggest tapping on everything in the room at least once to check if it let you pick it up.

When you collect items they will appear in your inventory slots on the right where you can select then and view them more closely. Or in some cases combine items such as a drill and a drill bit. Do this by selecting one item and then the next.


There are many items that need a code, or pattern to unlock. The clues to the patterns, numbers or sequences will be found around the explorable area. Solving the puzzle will be a case of tapping or sliding the puzzle to set up the correct result. Remember the clues may not always be perfectly aligned and may need some interpretation to get right.

So now have a go at the levels, good luck and check back with the walkthrough to help you through any areas that you get stuck on.

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