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Afterlight - Room 5
Spotlight: Room Escape Guide

Afterlight - Room 5

In the Afterlight level for Spotlight Room Escape you find yourself in a concrete basement complex having descended from room 4. Follow the tips below to escape from this area.

You are in a concrete basement area with a locked gate in front.

Tap to the left and then tap on the cables and 3 green lights on the right hand side.
Tap the loose black hose to collect it.
Back to the hall view and tap down the stairs and then on the barrels at the end to find and collect a key
Tap the paper on the floor to the right of the barrels to collect it also.
Back up but still looking at the bottom of the stairs tap to the right passageway with the orange glow. Here there are 2 large fans on the left and a door at the end.
Tap to view the door and collect a key hanging on the wall next to it.
On the floor on the right at the end behind the generator units tap to find a toolbox and collect a Hacksaw from inside. Then tap the blue box next to it to find a 4 digit lock to open it.
Clue: The symbol on the paper you picked up previously.Show
Solution: pi = 3.141 | code = 3141Show
Open the box and collect a hacksaw blade.

Back out to the first area with the locked gate. Tap on the lower right side to see a red jerrycan behind the bars. Use the hacksaw to try to cut the bars here. The saw breaks, Now combine the spare hacksaw blade to fix the saw and try again. This time it works and you can collect the empty jerrycan

Back to the starting view and tap to the right now to see another door and an electrical cabinet on the left. Use the second key you found to open this. Inside is a puzzle with various switches which you can tap to rotate but each affects others. You need to align them all horizontally to unlock the puzzle.
Once you have completed this you will find a piece of paper to collect with a diagram.

Return to the left area to find the two barrels at the bottom of the stairs. Select the fuel canister and place it next to the barrels and then use the black hose collected earlier to connect the barrel and canister to fill the jerrycan with fuel. Collect the hose and jerrycan again.

Return to the lower area corridor with the large fans and the generator units. Use the fuel can on the generators and fill them and then use the remaining key to unlock a panel nearest you on the unit. Tap this again to view some dials. Set the dials to the correct values.
Clue: Use the paper diagram with value on to work out what each dial should be set to.Show
Solution: Each column on the diagram is a total value for the 2 or 3 dials listed below, i.e. 140V = M21 + M23
Working it out gives the following values:
M17 = 80
M19 = 120
M21 = 100
M23 = 40

Once they are set correctly .. something happens.
Return to the first area but one your way replace the black hose in the spot where you found it with the 3 green lights. it will now be placed correctly and you will have 4 green lights. Now go to the view to the right of the starting point. In the electrical cabinet switch on the first toggle switch and then go to the door which now has a green light next to it.

Tap to enter this room to find several bunk beds and a desk.
Tap the top left bunk and then tap the pillow to check underneath and find a computer disk.
Tap the top bunk to the far right to find a camera. Tap this to retrieve the roll of film from it.
Tap on the cupboard units on the back right of the room and check the top right one to find a small iodine bottle and a glass jar with a liquid in it and the word second on the label.

Tap on the desk in the room to see a blank sheet of paper. Tap again to view it and then use the iodine bottle to reveal a hidden safe code clue ZZ Clockwise : 40 Anti Clockwise : AZ Clockwise : X0 Anti ClockwiseShow

Return to the cupboards and close the top right door to find a paper on the wall with a second safe code clue. Open the lower right door to find a safe. Use the 2 clue above to find the combination to open it.
Solution: To open the safe rotate the dial:
Clockwise by 55 - end up on '5'
Anticlockwise by 40 - end up on '45'
Clockwise by 15 - end up on '30'
Anticlockwise by 30 - end up on '0'
After each rotation tap the OK button to confirm the setting.

Open the safe to collect a screwdriver and a toggle switch.

Go to the desk again and use the screwdriver to remove and collect the plug from the lamp cable on the desk.

Back out in the hall return to the electrical cabinet and inside place the toggle switch on the missing switch on the right. Turn on both switches to light the green lights.

Go back to the starting position and now turn around to face a door that was behind you from the beginning. There will be a green light next to it. Enter this room. There is a desk with a computer on it.

Tap the desk and collect a small white sheet of photo paper and also a paper from the racks on the left. This sheet has some line marking on it.

Return to the room with the beds and tap again on the cupboards. Tap the top left door to find a 4 digit code. Use the paper you just found to help you solve the code.
Clue: The marking on the paper match lines on the digits that you need. But in this case they are the lines that you don't need.Guide Image

Solution: 2451Show
Open the door to collect a roll of tape and a second computer disk.

Return to the computer room. Before using the computer tap the right arrow to view a door to the right of the room. You cannot access this door yet, but there is a picture to the right of the door that is a lue you will need soon. Remember the pattern.

Now go to the computer and use the tape and then the plug to repair the power cable and tap the plug again to plug it in. Use both of the computer disks and tap the disk slots to insert them then tap the monitor to view the screen and tap the power switch on the right.

On the screen you will have access to 2 devices so far, Floppy 1 and Floppy 2. Each has a puzzle to solve.
Floppy 1: This puzzle has a series of 3 grids. You need to tap squares to highlight them in the right pattern to complete it.
Hint: The number to the top and left tell you how many dots need to be in each column or row. Start with the rows/columns with the highest numbers and adjust the position of the dots until you have the correct placementShow
Once the pattern is correct you will move on to the next grid, once 3 are done you have completed the puzzle.

Floppy 2: This puzzle has a 'plus' shape made up of squares that are on or off. Each row or column of squares can be moved b tapping the arrows around the outside and you can also rotate parts of the pattern with other arrows. Move the peices into the correct pattern to compet the puzzle.
Hint: Remember the pattern from the picutre earlier, this is your target to work towards. It is tricky but can be done.Show

Once you have completed these puzzles access the 'Control Panel' option on the computer. This has a map of the area you are in and shows unlocked and locked rooms. you are in the bottom green room. You can use this screen to unlock rooms but you can only have 1 room unlocked at a time. So you need to tap the green room on the right to lock it and then tap the read section to the left of the computer room to unlock that.

Back in the computer room sand turn to the right to see that the door is now unlocked. open the door and unfortunately the passageway is blocked but you can collect a knife and a UV Lamp from the rubble.

Go back and use the knife to cut open the picture by the door that has the puzzle pattern on it. behind the picture you will find a drill and some wire cutters.

You now need to go back to the compute control panel screen and re-enable access to the room on the right where the beds are.

Return to the room with the beds and tap now on the pipe that is in the top left of the room. tap again in the round plate over it to remove it and find a wire mesh. Use the wire cutters to remove this and collect a third computer disk. Return to the computer room and put the new disk in the computer. You can now access the Floppy 3 puzzle.

Floppy 3: This is a 3 x 3 grid where you can set the numbers. Tapping Enter will light up indicators be each row and column to tell you how many of them are correct. You need to try different combinations to get all of them right, but you only have 10 tries before it resets. Unfortunately every time it reset the combination changes so you have to get the right numbers within 10 tries. This can be very hard, you need to use logic to work out which ones to change each time and use trial and error and some luck.

Once you have solved this puzzle you can return to the Control panel screen and enable access to the top left area. Exit the computer room and go down the stairs to the door past the generators. This is now unlocked.

This room has a photo developing station on the table. Tap the cupboards to the left hand side. Then tapo the top left door to find a button code lock. Use the UV lamp on the buttons to see fingerprints to reveal which buttons to press. Find the right order to tap them in to open the door.
Solution: 926Show
Open the door and collect a red bulb. Also collect a wrench from the top right shelf.

Back to the room view. Tap the arrow to the left of the room to view that area. There is a message on the wall: Cure Yourself Or the Doctor Will.
Tap the pipes hanging on the wall above the mirror to view them. Use the wrench to open the pipes and collect a paper. View the paper from your inventory to see a 5 digit code: 17483
Tap the mirror and then tap again to break it and reveal a puzzle behind to solve.
Hint: Use the code and the message on the wall to help you figure out which lights to press.Show
Solution: Initials of the message are CYODW. Tap to light the buttons at C1, Y7, O4, D8, W3Show
Something will happen.

Return to the room view and notice than a ladder has appeared on the right. Tap this to go up through a hatch and find a locked door. On the ground collect a transmitter and on the wall collect some keys

Go back down to the room below and tap the cupboards on the left again and use the keys to open the lower cupboard. Collect a Detonator

Go to the photo developing table in the room. Tap to collect a second bottle of liquid from the lower left shelf. Use the photo paper from your inventory to place below the projector. Use the roll of film to place in the projector. Use the 2 bottles of liquid to fill the 2 trays to the right. Then use the red bulb to place in the Lamp.
Now turn on the red lamp and tun on the projector.
Collect the photo paper, then place it in the first tray bath, then collect again and place in the second tray. Then finally collect a processed photo which you can view from your inventory.

Once you have this photo you need to return to the room with the beds. On the way though you need to go to the computer room and use the control screen to reenable access to that room.
Enter the room with the beds and tap on the desk, then tap a box on the wall to the upper left. This will show a puzzle. This puzzle is difficult. The clue is the photo that you have just processed.
Hint: Use the line on the photo that directs you around the outer dark shape starting from the dot to work out the key presses.Show
Solution: [spoilerTthe dots in the picture of the masked man indicate the points in the board (the dark ones) with instructions. You start by the light grey button with a circle around it and trace a line following the first instruction (infinite key with arrow going up, meaning all the way up to the '5'. Then third point of the column (infinite key with diagonal arrow pointing south west) moves you diagonally down to the left for the second light grey button to press. Third point on the row (key with number 2 and arrow pointing up). Fourth point on the row (key with number 2 and arrow pointing right) Finally fourth point in the column (key with number 4 and an arrow pointing left).[/spoiler]
Code: Dot - 56RFZShow
Once done you can back out and then collect dynamite from the box on the wall.

Return to the computer room to use the control panel. This time enable access to the top section. Then return downstairs to the door to the photo lab room. The door will be locked.

Use the drill on the wall to the left of the door to make 2 holes. Then combine the detonator and the dynamite in your inventor and place them on the wall (in the holes).

Return to the computer room and place the transmitter on the table. You can then tap it to detonate the dynamite.

Go back downstairs to find the door is now blown open. Enter the photo lab room, then use the ladder to go up through the hatch. The door at the top should be unlocked (from the control panel) . Tap the door to exit this level and complete it.

Room 5 - Afterlight Walkthrough

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