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Dirty Things - Room 12
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Dirty Things - Room 12

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Dirty Things is the 12th room in Spotlight Room Escape. You have solved the clues to escape from room 11 and now find yourself in a laundromat. Find the clues and solve the puzzles to clear this level, the last so far.

Dirty Things - Room 12

First tap to the right hand side of the room and then on the dryers near the blue basket on the floor. Tap to collect a white T-shirt from a dryer. Back up and tap on the blue tub on top of some machines to the left. Inside find and collect a Wet Dollar. Use the T-shirt here on the tub of water to make it a wet T-shirt.
Dirty Things - Room 12

Move forward to view a table with an iron next to a locked door. Tap below the table to see a plug for the iron and tap to plug it in. Now tap the table to move in and use the wet dollar to place on the table. Now tap the iron to dry he dollar and collect it again as a dry dollar.

Back up to the initial view and tap the right arrow to view the right side of the room. Some plastic seats and a change machine on the top left. Tap on the change machine and use the dry dollar to get back 2 coins to collect.

Now go back to the left (initial view) and tap on the soap dispenser unit on the central column. Use the coins on it to receive and collect a bar of soap. Back up and go back to the right are f the room and tap to view the bag that is on the plastic chairs. The zipper is broken but with the use of the soap you can now open it. Collect a pair of pliers. also collect from below the bag a piece of paper with a number on it.

Back up again and tap on the coat hooks on the wall by the change machine. Use the pliers to move this and find a hole behind with a paper with patterns to collect. Now back out the the initial view and tap on the office window on the left side of the room next to the door. Tap again to view closely to see a keypad and another paper with patterns taped to the window.
Dirty Things - Room 12

Back up again and now tap on the machines on the right facing the office window to view one machine that has a red light displaying $1.50. Use the remaining coins on the coin slot and open the machine. collect a yellow key.
Dirty Things - Room 12

Back up a little and tap to move towards the end of the row of machines on the left. There is an arcade machine on the left. Or the right is a machine that is turned away and you can see the back of it. Tap on the back of the machine and you should view a red cash box on the floor. Tap on the to see the puzzle lock.
Hint: the papers with patterns have a similar layout as the puzzle.Show
Solution: Combine the lines found on both papers to figure out the lines needed on each part of the puzzle.Show
Code: Dirty Things - Room 12

Open the box to collect a Flamegun.

Now back up to the initial view and tap the left arrow to view the left side of the room. Move to the small table in the corner and tap to collect an arcade ticket from the table.

Go back to the initial view and gain and move to view the arcade machines. Desert Racer. Use the ticket to start the game. You can play this game by tapping to move the car left or right to change lanes. Avoid the cars for as long as possible. Check the high scores when you finish.
Hint: You need to last for around 40 seconds or more to get the high score.Show

Back out from this and go back to the right area of the room with the change machine. Tap on the notice board on the right wall and then tap to view the lock at the bottom. This is a dial lock. notice the words 'Dezert Razzer #1'. Enter the code.
Solution: You need to have the #1 score on the arcade machine which will always be the code.Show
Code: 5974Show
Move the dial to the code numbers and it will open. Open the notice board and collect a piece of paper from behind the Washer instructions.

Go back to the office window in the main room and tap to view the keypad. you now have the code for this.
Solution: The code is on the 2 pieces of paper you have found.Show
Code: 5891Show
Dirty Things - Room 12

Enter the office to see a safe on the floor and shelves. Look to the right had side to view a desk. Collect the broken mop .Then tap on the desk draws to view. Collect a gas canister from under the desk (the game calls it a balloon). Use the yellow tabbed key to open the desk door and collect a safe part.

Back out the initial view and move to the dryers again on the right hand side of the main room.Tap on the wall above the dryers to see a message that is covered with green mould. Combine the wet t-shirt and the broken mob in your inventory and then use this new item to clean the wall. You can now view some latin text.
Dirty Things - Room 12

Back up and move towards the office but tap on the red box hanging on the wall to the left of the office door. View the box itself to see a clue on it:
I - B,C,D,G...
II - A,E,U,O...
Now tap the padlock to view it and see a further clue to get the 4 digit code.
Hint: You need to check the contents of the latin text to get the numbers for this.Show
Solution: This is a bit tricky, the clue above lets you know that 'I' on the padlock means Consonants,. and 'II' means Vowels. There are 4 numbers and 4 lines of latin text. The first number is the number of Vowels in the first line of text. The second number is the number of consonants in the second line of text.
Number 3 is the Consonant divided by the vowels. Number 4 is the consonants - the vowels.

Code: 6711Show
Open the box to collect a second safe part.

Go back into the office and tap on the safe. Use the 2 safe parts to fix the handles and then open the safe. Collect a wrench and a paper with a tree drawing. Check the paper to see a tree and a key drawn under it. Back out of the office to the initial view and move to the right view with e change machine again. Tap the small plant (tree) in the corner to view it and ten tap the soil in the pot. Collect a key.

Go back to the office room. Use the key to open the metal door by the safe. Collect a Ladder. Exit the office and go to the back of the washing machine where you found the red cash box. This is opposite the arcade machine. On the back of the machine is a hose. Use the wrench to collect this.

Back up and notice the air conditioning unit on the ceiling. Use the ladder an place it on the wall below the unit. Tap the unit to open it and view it. Combine the hose and the gas cylinder in your inventory. Then use this on the round socket on the air conditioning unit.
Dirty Things - Room 12

Tap and hold the arrow button until the cylinder is full. You will now had a full cylinder in your inventory. Combine this with the flame gun to make a 'balloon flamegun' or blowtorch. Go back into the office and tap the vent to the right of the safe. Use the blowtorch on this to cut it open. Tap inside the vent to view the end of level video. You have completed Spotlight Room escape so far.

If you have any questions for this room or any of the other levels please head to the Answers Page to ask it there.

See this video from Nikita Yakovenko for a walkthrough of this level.
Room 12 - Dirty Things

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