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The Level Up Screen
The Level Up Screen

There are only four stats for you character: Health, Mana, Attack, Defense. There are different stat growths for each of the classes. It depends on the character's class you are using to which stats it should focus on building. Below is the breakdown of the four.


Health is your hitpoints. This is the number that represents your vitality. When it hits 0 (Paper Dungeons way go past that and will show negative numbers!), you are dead and it is game over. This is the most useless stat, and you are better off focusing on Defense if you want your character to take more punishment. When leveling up, all of the stats go up too, and you will be given a choice to which stat you would want bonus points. Having higher defense means lower damage, you can have all the hitpoints in the world, but if you receive critical damage in double figures, you are still going to die. Unlike when you focus on your Defense stat, you will have receive lots of 1 – 5 damage that you can live off on a hit point total of…10.


Mana dictates how much spells you can cast. Certain classes require you to put more on this stat than anywhere else simply because you can’t cast powerful spells without mana.


Attack determines your offensive output. All of the classes base their damage output on the Attack stat. Even with mages, their attack output is increased through Attack not Mana. This is the most important stat for ranged classes because you have to kill the mobs from afar.


Defense dictates your endurance. Unlike Health, Defense drastically reduces the damage you receive to a point that your enemies can’t deal damage anymore. Balance is the key when you are choosing between Defense and Attack. If you are too focused on Defense, you are dealing with low damage, it makes the battles longer than it should be. If you hit the threshold where your enemy inflicts only 1 Damage, the next time you level up, put up the bonus stats on the Attack.


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