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Beginner Tips

Beginner Tips
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Beginner Tips

If you are just beginning to play this game, you really have to read this. Most people will commit the mistake of jumping into the game without being familiar with the core mechanics. Here are some friendly beginner tips.

1.) Most of the people will just run all over the map without thinking. Take it slow, this is not an action game, there is no time limit. Learn the core mechanics first beforehand, you can get killed by simply walking around.

2.) Potions are consumable spells. They are usually found as monster drops. Potions are generally useless in this game. If you found one, just sell it already as soon as you reach a marketplace. You do not need to identify them too, since the risk of getting lower valued potions is higher than having an expensive and / or useful ones. The sole reason for the potions being useless is their very nature. They can be only cast to the players, yes, including the ones with negative effects. Potions with positive effects rarely have the effects you need. There are good ones like healing potions, and that's basically it. Besides, if you are depending on potions when it comes to healing, you are doing it wrong.

3.) The campaign and puzzle scenarios have constant layout and monster placements, hence the limited saves, so do not save when you are in critical situation and without healing methods and Chicken Legs left...

4.) Chicken Legs are the de facto healing items of Paper Dungeons. It is cheap and can be found almost everywhere. Do not be ashamed to eat them, they are aplenty and they are highly effective compared to other healing items (not in potency but in terms of cost-effectiveness).

5.) Change dice sets everytime you unlock one. The dice sets grow "stronger" the harder they are to unlock. You still have to strike gold with luck though as this is the only part of the game that you have no control at all. Therefore, use the one that is more advantageous to you.


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