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More Tips!

More Tips!
Paper Dungeons Guide


1.) When NPCs / Temples ask you for either a Magical Book or any other perk. Choose the Magical Book everytime. Do not choose the gold, the Piety, the armor, the whatever. You can always buy or earn them far easier than actually hoping for a treasure chest to include a Magical Book, which occurs not too often for my liking.

2.) Upon reaching a store or a merchant, buy the best weapon immediately. Defense can easily be mitigated with stat-building, and careful exploration of the dungeons (not rushing, using of detect skills, taking advantage of the Fog of War).

3.) The difference of Adventure Mode and Rogue Mode is huge. In Adventure Mode, the character's level is reset to level 1. Each dungeon is its own adventure, so nothing is going to get carried over.

Rogue Mode, like any other Rogue-like games, you are going to lose everything once you die. Beating a boss, or completing a dungeon will have your stats, skills, loots, and levels saved for the next dungeon, up until you die. Then you lose everything, including your progress in the scenarios themselves.

4.) Use the spellbook Cure All everytime you have Mana pool especially when you are leveling up. Use Cure All prior to choosing the stat increase since you will replenish all of the Mana anyway upon choosing. Using Cure All after the stat increase will take away precious Mana from you.

5.) Read the Codex. In the Main Menu, there is the Codex, try checking it out every so often since it gets updated everytime you unlock something or discover a new type of enemy in the dungeons.


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