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Paper Dungeons is a role playing game that is set in a gameboard! There are lots of additional content that can be found online. You also have the ability to create your own levels and share them to the rest of the world, and there is a campaign to boot and also puzzle scenarios! This game follows the classic table-top board game with all the dice and tokens.


- Supports high resolution with native 1080p graphics.

- Big campaign of 125 Adventure levels and 31 Puzzle levels.

- 5 character classes (warrior/archer/priest/mage/thief), male and female, each with a unique gameplay.

- Dozens of different dice sets to improve your character.

- 80+ monster types.

- More than 50 unique pieces of equipment, 30 scrolls and 8 potions.

- 4 different starting zones, each with specific monsters and bosses, 3 sizes of dungeon and special boss stages.

- 3 zoom levels.


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