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Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Cheats and Tips

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Love Nikki Dress Up Queen is one of the most popular and long-running dress up games available on mobile devices. Despite it running for many years, it's still not to late to download the game for free and start playing. To help you along, we've put together the Love Nikki Dress Up Tips aimed at beginner players.

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Love Nikki Dress Up Cheats and Tips

Follow the Storyline
The game is fairly easy to play, and as you pass through the early stages various new parts of the game become unlocked and in no-time you'll be collecting some great new outfits.
Keep Playing to Unlock More of the Game
Keep Playing to Unlock More of the Game

Do the Daily Tasks
One key to quick progress in Love Nikki, and loads of similar games, is to complete all of the daily tasks. This will give you more rewards, XP and do the things you need to help you progress through the levels.

Keep hold of your gems
Don't waste your gems and other things that are premium currency without good reason. While the game does give you some of the premium currency for free, getting a lot of it can be a grind. You don't really want to be using it just to get an outfit, unless it is a specific one that you need to complete a task or unlock a particular level.
One of the Great Outfits Available on Love Nikki
One of the Great Outfits Available on Love Nikki

Associate your account with Facebook
Link your Love Nikki game account with Facebook this will give you rewards, but also secure your account should you lose your phone or need to reinstall it on another device. Simply reinstall and log in again via Facebook and your game and progress should reload.

If you are going to spend, do it on the value packs.
Most of the Love Nikki players are Free to Play and many don't spend a cent on the game, some spend now and again, and others are frequent spenders. If you have made the decision that you would like to spend some money on Love Nikki, then probably the best value package to purchase is one of the value packs or monthly packs. Wait for the one that you want and dive in.

Love Nikki is a fantastic game, really well made and with a huge community supporting it. We hope you find our Love Nikki tips of some use, and if you have a question about the game, or are playing the Miraland Quiz, then check out our Love Nikki Answers Page.

We also have a short guide that takes you through the early stage of Love Nikki, you can check it out here: Love Nikki Guide
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I love this game, its very addicting but the reason I gave it 4.5 stars is because when I recharged, it wouldn't give me anything in return of the 19.99 USD, and the customer service isn't the greatest.
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