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What is the Miraland Quiz

What is the Miraland Quiz
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The Miraland Quiz is a recurring event that has run multiple times in 2017 and now also during 2018 (May 11th to May 18th in 2018 and July 2018).

We have collated a number of questions and answers for this quiz on our answers page here, use the find function in your browser to find the exact question that you are looking for.

What is the quiz

The Miraland Quiz event is an opportunity to win in game rewards by playing the game. Play through regular story Stage Battles to collect feather pens which will drop randomly, then head over to the Events Icon and tap on the Time-Limited tab and choose the Miraland Quiz. Exchange your feather pens for chances to answer Miraland Quiz questions.

Miraland Quiz Rewards

Answering the questions will give you rewards such as gems, coins, star coins and stamina. Rewards are given even if your answers are wrong. But you will want to answer as many as you can correctly as the rewards increase with more correct answers.

8 Correct Answers - 1 Fantasy Ticket + 10 Stamina
28 Correct Answers - Little Postman (Hat) + 30 Stamina
40 Correct Answers - 1 Wish Court Coupon + 50 Stamina
59 Correct Answers - Crossing The Ocean (Dress) + 15,000 Gold
69 Correct Answers - Snowy Night Ballad (Hosiery) + 30 Star Coins

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