1-3 Lunar from Cloud Empire
Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Guide

1-3 Lunar from Cloud Empire

This stage's competition is to make a style based on flowing and traditional eastern style.

When putting together your outfit remember the attributes that it will be judged on also; pure, cute, simple, warm, elegance.

During this battle there is an option to use skills to gain an advantage over your opponent. To use skills click the yellow skills icon in the bottom left of the screen when you see it.

As we are still in the early stages of the game you pretty much just have to wear what the game suggests, in this case, the Cloud Girl Outfit.

Cloud Girl Outfit
Cloud Girl Outfit

Once the competition begins you can activate your skill at any time, the game will suggest times for you and you will get bonus based on your current score.

Skills have a cooldown and there is a public cooldown which affects all skills.

With the use of one smile and the suggested Cloud Girl outfit, you will breeze through this level.

Just remember to check out the achievements and collect any random free rewards that pop up when you are between battles.



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