Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen

Miraland Quiz Answers for Love Nikki

Miraland Quiz Answers for Love Nikki
Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Guide

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What's the target suit at the end of Chapter 3?
Rock Singer

There are 5 tiers in the Stylist Arena. Which is the 3rd tier?
Senior Stylist

In which show's rehearse Nikki and Royce were invited to join?
Romeo and Cinderella

Which nation of the Miraland does Bobo's everyday dressing style belong to?
Lilith Kingdom

What material is needed to customize 'Panda Pajamas' into 'Heart Pajamas'?
Polka Dots

How to get Black Swan when you have White Swan?

Which suit belongs to Mori Girl series?
Deer Elf

Which category does 'Washing Machine' belong to?

How many nations are there across the Miraland?

How many parts are there in suit Star Sea, the treasure of December Troupe?

How can we get the Dreamland Teatime set of Lilith Kingdom?
Pavilion of Fantasy

How many times can the 'Story of Shanghai' dress be evolved?

Which nation did Nikki arrive in when she first came to Miraland?
Apple Federation

Who was the person that looks like Nikki at the Designer's Tea Party?
Bai Jinjin

How many suits are there in Time Yard?

How much is Memory of Youth in Store?
2387 Gold

Which secret organization does Mela, who robbed Lunar's design, belong to?
Iron Rose Stylist Legion

How many colors does suit Flower Fairy Mevilla have?

What is the first set that introduced dynamic effect in Love Nikki?
Princess Azhar

Which book is NOT included by Association Library?

Which skill can remove the effect of Sleeping?
True Love

Which set below does not belong to Pigeon Kingdom?
Star Seer

Whose works were taken by Queen Elle of Pigeon Kingdom in the Nine-Day War?
King Sayet

Which of following is not one of the four fairies in Flower Field?

Which character offered the theme 'White fairy, otherworldly elegance, pure like snow, falling for love'?

How many bags can Nikki wear at the same time?
As many as she wants

What is Momo's favorite food?
Grilled Fish

Which below is NOT required to craft dress Star Sea?

How much does Miss Anna cost in Store of Starlight?
39 Starlight Coins

If you sign in monthly, which is the set you will obtain in the first month?
Cinnabar Cloud

What set is Nikki wearing in the Pavilion of Fantasy poster?
Sheer Dance

How many Crystal Shoe pieces are needed to make one shoe?

How can we get the Locco's Tea Party set?
Room of Mystery

How many SS attributes does Star Prophecy, the jacket of the Star Seer outfit, have?

How many Crystal Roses are needed to exchange Miss Puff in Crystal Garden?

In which event did we first introduce avatar pendant?
Haunted Night

What's prize set in Love Nikki anniversary event?
Sweet Breeze

What discount can a VIP6 player get in Store?
15% off

Which suit has different forms in day and night?
Underworld Lord

How many suits are included in event Ghost Gathering?

Which nation does suit Demon Huntress belong to?
Pigeon Kingdom

Which of following garment can't be bought from the Association Store?

What's Nikki's constellation?

What's Toto's Aries boyfriend's profession?

Which school did Timi go to for advanced studies with her senior?
Cicia Design School

How many Crystal Roses can a player obtain if she reaches top 1%-5% in Competition?

What is Annabel's profession?
Manga Artist

Which instrument has not appeared in Toupe suits?

Which NPC's suit is not included in 4 Seasons?

Which flower is included in suit Romeo?

Which one of the following outfits is not a wedding dress?
Cake Manor

How can we get the Master Magician set?
Pavilion of Fantasy

Who is the designer of the White Swan set?
Star Seer

Who's Lu Yinian?
Landlady of Moon Inn

After giving 10 Like in Competition, you can open the gift box, which reward is a possible drop?
Crystal Rose

Which nation is 'the country bathed in storm and fire'?
North Kingdom

What's Nidhogg's favorite small animal?

Who's the chief designer of Apple Federation Apparel Group?

When skill ‘Smile’ reaches max level, how much can your score be improved?

What's special stylist group commanded by Queen Elle?
Iron Rose

Which one of the following isn't an alternative color of the 'Rustling Bamboo'?
Rustling Bamboo· Drunk

Where is Designer's Tea Party held?

What's the name of the queen who summoned Nikki to Miraland?

Which VIP level can get the Umbrella Memory set?

Where's Fantasy Styling Contest held?
Royal City

What's the title of archpriest Imm?
Wind Whisperer

In which city did Nine-Day War break out?

Who's the writer of the fairytale: Dream of Evernight Kingdom?

Which newspaper does Journalist Cali work for?
Amphithea News

What can you not do in Competition?
Have a style contest

Where did Nidhogg first gain fame?
Designer's Tea Party

Which style is the weakness of Bai Jinjin?

What's the city that Luna works in as Chief Designer?
Cloud City

How many photos can be saved in Starry Corridor at most?

What's young chopper Fu Su's true identity?
Master Designer's disciple

What suit caused misunderstanding between Bai Jinjin and Zhong Lizi?

How many people designed the mansion theme suits?

How many Star Coins can you earn when you win the battle?

What can you do in Starry Corridor?
Share your style

Who robbed the design of Lunar in Wheat Field?

Who sent Yvette a 'March Hare' as a gift?

What is Priestess Ransa's true identity?
A Iron Rose Legion member

How do we get the special background in Journey?
Time Diary

Who are the two characters in the story of Ghost Gathering?
Stich and Adora

Who's the little girl Nikki met in Moonlit City?
The Mayor

How did Nikki and her friends come to the Republic of Wasteland from the Lilith Kingdom?
By train

Where did the legend of Yunikina and Eagle happen?
White Rock City

Who's the character crazily fond of grilled fish?

Which character did not attend Fantasy Styling Contest?
Fu Su

Who is the president of the Mercury Group?

Where can you see the map of Miraland?
Time Diary

Who wrote the Time Diary in achievement?

What's the relationship between Princess Dawn and Queen Night?
The same person

What does Momo usually wear?
A cloak

Who is the famous writer Hayden's servant?

Who was apprehended after Star Sea was stolen?

After clearing the main stages, where can we review stories and manga?
In Time Diary

Which country is mostly covered with snow in Miraland?
North Kingdom

Where can you get a rename card?
Users Shop

What's special cloth owned by Lunar's family?
Cloud Calico

Who's the seer Nikki met in Wasteland?

In which chapter Kimi first showed up?
Chapter 2

How many diamonds can you get by finishing Daily Quests?

Congrats! You drew a simple question!
Correct option

Where is Orlando from?
Apple Federation

Which is the first music suit in Love Nikki
Sky Rhapsody

Which nation lies on the southwest corner of Miraland?

What's the only island nation in Miraland?

What's the gender of Fantasy Envoy?

What's the homeland of Nidhogg?

What will you gain after reading Little Red Riding Hood in the Association Library??
Max stamina boost

Which day is the settlement day for Arena?

How many diamonds are needed for 10 draws in Pavilion of Fantasy?

What's the true identity of Wasteland Priest Ransa?
Iron Rose Legion

How many functions are there in Workshop?

Which item can you not buy in User's Shop?
Pavilion of Mystery Sets

Where did Nikki meet Sherry first?
Fantasy Styling Contest

Who put yeast in cloth in Silk Shop and took Lunar away?

How many stamina can you claim in friends' mails?

What can you not do in Home?
Cook food

What were Nikki and her friends seeking in Wasteland after the mutiny of Nidhogg?
Miracle Scroll

What takes the longest time in Life Bits quests?

What's correct to secure your account?
Link account with a mail

When did Association Shop refresh at night?

What items can you buy at Time Yard?
Karma Crystal

In the first round of Fantasy Styling Contest, who's Nikki's opponent?

What's the color of Kaja's spectacle frames?

What's the real identity of Tuda?
Son of Tribe Chieftain

What's the first set that has transparent limb parts?
Cosmos Tide

Which one does not belong the Life Bits of Home?
Shopping Carnival

When is the American Mother’s Day?
The second Sunday of May

Which country celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May?

Which is the date of this year's Mother's Day?
13th May

Where does modern Mother’s Day originate?

Which ancient civilization first started celebrating Mother’s Day?
Ancient Greece

By Guinness World Records, how many children does the most prolific mother have?

Which is NOT a good choice for Mother's Day?
Sleep off the day

What does NOT Mother's Day honor?
World peace

In Greek mythology, who's known as mother of gods?

Who is credited with founding Mother's Day?
Anna Jarvis

When was the first modern Mother's Day celebrated?

Usually, which flower will be given on Mother's Day?

Who is the first woman in Bible?

What's Mother Teresa known for?
Charity work

What's NOT another word for motherboard?

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