Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North ®

Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North ®

Beginner's Guide – Watching Out for Those Freebies
Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North ® Guide

Beginner's Guide – Watching Out for Those Freebies

As mentioned in my review, this game is very generous when it comes to providing free stuff that can be used in growing your city, or providing upkeep. These freebies are extremely important to avail especially when you are just starting your city and gets overwhelmed with the large resource requirements in building and also, in researching.

Merlin's Gift

In this mini-game, you will have to face nine chests and choose one among them. You are given a free Merlin token once per day to participate here. For every token, you have two chances of playing this segment. Each of the chests contains different prizes and the contents are totally different from each other. The prizes that you can win here are the ones available in the shop, of course with exceptions (City Deeds, Chest Sets, etc.) and additions (higher / lower quantities of the resources for sale in the in-game shop).

Merlin's Gift is divided into two parts, the normal one, and the Premium one. The normal Merlin's Gift has a low chance of winning troop sets while the Premium (six tokens are required to participate), you can win higher value prizes including City Deeds and troop sets.


The game also gives you extra resources for completing certain tasks. A note with recommended building, Research, or quantities of Troops is plastered on top of your screen for you to follow. You can get extra resources for completing the buildings you ought to make. This will remind you that you have to gather some troops to destroy a nearby Pictish camp or for you to take notice of your level 1 sawmill that begs for an upgrade. In short, Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North rewards you for doing the things you should have been doing!

Quests are also divided into two, the normal Quest and the Daily Quest. The normal Quest are your everyday doings in the development of your kingdom. While the Daily Quest are specific quests that are also part of the normal quest but with better rewards. Also, some Daily Quests require you just play Merlin's Quest. You are winning prizes by playing a game of winning prizes!

Beginner's Guide – Watching Out for Those Freebies

Exploring With Heroes

You can also explore with your heroes to gain chests and even levels for them. However, in so many times I have explored with my heroes, I just can’t get the level treasures. You are given two times per day with your hero with a 30 minute cooldown. There is also a mini-game called Merlin’s Prophesy prior to getting to the locations of the treasures. This mini-game is all about rubbing your screen furiously to complete David’s Star. I have yet to know the purpose of the mini-game, but it seems like completing the David’s Star allows you to have the chance to get the good treasures that you will not get anyway.


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