Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North ®

Beginner’s Guide—Joining Alliances

Beginner’s Guide—Joining Alliances
Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North ® Guide

Build an Embassy to join an Alliances. Alliances are very important in this game so find a good one immediately. Joining an alliance allows you to share some resources, tips, and even gang attack another kingdom, and bigger chance of winning the battle.

There are many ways in joining an alliance. The easiest but not the recommended is joining one through the recommended tab on your Embassy. A check in a green circle means that you can join the guild since you reach their requirements. An “x” in a red circle means you cannot join them since you do not meet the minimum requirements.

But not being able to reach the Alliance’s requirements does not mean all hope is lost. You can still message the guild members, and this is the better way in joining an Alliance. At the very start, you should have already an open line of communication. You should also make sure that they must help you propagate and defend your empire, and of course, this goes both ways. You should be more than willing your allies for the entire relationship to work.

Beginner’s Guide—Joining Alliances

Be also be very careful with joining a very aggressive Alliance where their only focus is attacking other players. Most of the times, peaceful dealings are better than brute forcing your every desire. The problem with this kind of Alliance is that you gain more enemies than you can actually handle. So think hard about what Alliance to join since you do not want to have regrets later on, or more enemies for that matter.

You can also create your own Alliance if you are strong enough already, or just confident with your current set-up. If you have lots of friends playing the same game, creating an Alliance among yourselves is a nice way to have fun together.


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