Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North ®

Buildings: Bureaucracy and Management

Buildings: Bureaucracy and Management
Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North ® Guide


Here are the buildings that you can build for your kingdom and their respective uses and requirements.


This is where you reign. Upgrading the castle will unlock more field resource, plots, wilds, and also moves forward the upgrade of your other buildings and the continuance of the technology paths.

In the castle you can set tax rates. Gold is earned with your tax rates. The higher the tax rate the higher the gold per hour, and the lower the happiness, and vice versa. The calculation is straight forward,

100 – Tax Rate = Happiness

So if you have 10% tax rate, your happiness is at 90. If your tax rate is 90% then your happiness is at 10. Low happiness will affect your population, unhappy citizens will leave your kingdom.


The Storehouse are where you put your resources and it protects a certain amount of them from being plundered from attacking forces by a certain amount all depending on the level of the Storehouse.


As stated before this page, the embassy allows you to join and create alliances. The embassy also houses reinforcements sent by your allies. Reinforcements housed in your kingdom will also consume food. Better be careful with those nasty friends of yours who just wants to pass the maintenance of their own army to you!

Relief Station

This is what helps your troops speed when they are traveling between your cities, other cities, the wilds, and camps. Upgrading this building will improve the speed of their travels.


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