Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North ®

Beginner’s Guide—In the Beginning

Beginner’s Guide—In the Beginning
Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North ® Guide

*NOTE: Do not upgrade your castle to level 5 until the 7-day protection wears off. Having your castle reach level 5 will nullify the protection and allows other kingdoms to attack you!

Just follow the tutorial until you are given the total reign of your kingdom. Remember, the game is divided into three “world” screens. The “World” where you can look at the neighbouring territories. Then the “Territory”, where you can access your farms, sawmills, and your other resource gathering buildings. And there is the “City” where you can manage your troops, knights, heroes, and research lab.

In the “City” screen, erect at least three cottages and upgrade them every now and then. To upgrade buildings, just tap them and there should be an upgrade button. Low level buildings take seconds to complete, and then it will become minutes, and then hours. However, time is not the problem here, but the requirements to build them. It may be resource, it may be certain levels of several buildings, and also some technology to be researched first.

The safe side is to put up farms, sawmills, quarries, and mines and level them up until you can’t afford to upgrade them further. If the resource you are getting keeps on hitting the limit, upgrade your castle and stop at that until you hit level 4 (up until the 7-day protection is over). Build barracks then, upgrade them. Do not forget your cottages. Research some technology in the Alchemy lab up until you can’t either upgrade them because it needs a higher level castle or a high level building that cannot be built without upgrading your castle past level 5.


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