Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North ®

Battle Mechanics

Battle Mechanics
Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North ® Guide



You must first assemble your troops at the Rally Point in order to attack enemies (or send reinforcement to your allies). You can attack Pict Camps, Wilds, and other players. You need to have Knight. Upgrading your Rally Point is important because this building dictates the number of troops you can send at a time.


Scouting is almost always neglected. Most players just look at the might and send the forces, not knowing the actual breakdown of the defending forces and in turn, they lose the battles they were very sure of winning. Scouting is free, but it must be done one at a time, and the cooldown of scouting largely depends on its level. Also the information you can get also depends on your Eagle Eyes level. You can also purchase Scouting powers off the store. Purchased scouting is worth the max level (level 10) of scouting.

Wilds and Pict Camps

Wilds are non-claimed territories that gives you more production with your resources. The resource you can get largely depends on the type of Wilds. In order to claim a Wilds territory, you must attack and then win the battle. The number of Wilds you can own depends on the level of your Castle.

Pict Camps are territories owned by King Drust. They hold large amount of resources. You cannot claim Pict Camps, but you can plunder them a lot. However, they are very hard to defeat, so be prepared.

Battle Mechanics

Battle Preparations

Before attacking a territory, you are asked to choose a Knight, and the amount of troops. And then you can use the numerous boosts that the game offers either available on the store, or part of your winnings in Merlin’s Gift.

It is also wise to send Scouts first in order to get the breakdown of your enemy’s forces. Try to find its weakness and send the appropriate type of troop for you to win the battle easily.


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