Establishing Network and Dates

Establishing Network and Dates

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Establishing Network and Dates
While walking through different bars, clubs and restaurants in the game, random appearances of characters will occupy the respective establishments. Every time you see a new face, you may add him or her to your contact list as long as your celebrity star ratings are not so far apart. Otherwise, you may have to spend quite a number of K-stars just to speak and get to know them. These added contacts then are your network list that will help you get gigs, offer appearances or refer you to other contacts. You may also get to date these people to help you build your fame as well.

Establishing Network and Dates
(during the first levels, you may get to date Dirk Diamonds, Kevin Robinson, or Mitchell Murphy)

Once you get a hold of someone’s number, you may flirt with them. To get on a date, arrange a meeting by searching him/her in your phone’s contact list. You may invite someone to a date by going to a restaurant or cafe and clicking the pink "plus" icon on the screen to call your date. To break up them, do the same thing of calling and setting up a meeting. But instead of choosing the option “Start Date”, choose the “Breakup”.

You may also date as many people as you want and even have a serious relationship with them all at the same time. You do this simply by giving them gifts until you’ll end up on a serious relationship with that particular person. The perks of having a sweetheart is that you can level up faster because you will have more fans raving about your relationship. More fans talking about you and your partner will fetch you more fame in the game. Be cautious though, since dating a lot of people at the same time may leave you too tired to get on other tasks, or perhaps even broke. Failing to go out in a date with one of your girlfriends/boyfriends within a 24 hour period, will get you dumped in a relationship which might be bad for you career. See to it to balance the maximum number of people you build your relationship with and breakup with those that are falling behind your ranking.

Establishing Network and Dates

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