Dating Tips

Dating Tips

Dating Tips
Save K-Stars

Silver stars though available are pretty hard to earn in the game. Use them plainly and wisely over higher ranking contacts to boost your career. Although some people that you are dating will comment about your clothing, it really won’t matter or affect the date in any negative way (except of course if you’re offended by it). And a good collection of clothes can be purchased with cash anyway.

Charm the Rich and Famous

Use your K-stars to charm necessary people, those that are introduced only by Kim, Simon (manager), or Maria (publicist). You may also target people that are in the entertainment industry like pop stars, models, photographers, designers, makeup artists, and promoters and make sure they are at least one rank higher than you currently are. Charm these famous people until they either write about you in social media or until you reach or exceed their ranking (talking or dating people lower than your status will take negative effect on your fame and career). It is also not necessary to charm people that you already know (with blue or pink pointers above them).

Date Higher Ranking Celebs

Always choose to date people that are a status higher than you are. If you're a starting out E-list celebrity for example, date a person on the D-list. This proves to raise your number of fans greatly and earn fame more quickly. Also take note to take the dates when your energy gauge is fully restored to easily garner that five star objective within the given time limit.

Gifts can Build Relations

You can literally buy your way to higher status in the game. Build your relationship with anyone by buying gift items and sending it to them as presents. Give anything from your inventory to fetch you five relationship points per gift to that person or contact.

Don’t Get Dumped

After 24 hours of not doing follow-up calls or dates with people that you are currently dating, they will feel disregarded and will pretty much dump you altogether. Maintain the relationship by at least preparing dates (you really never need to attend them anyways) and inviting them over a call. You may visit the date place and never really converse with them at all and you’ll still be fine. Getting dumped in a relationship will turn out negative to your fans and status alike.

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