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Becoming famous requires a lot of hard work and a lot of purchases too. In Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, the road to becoming an A-list celebrity is paved with the prerequisite that the one must spend a lot to wear diverse outfits all the time. In this world, though only a game, it is a crime to be seen wearing the same outfit during events. In fact, this belief already shows itself early in the game when Kim reminds you to wear something “nice” for the photoshoot she invited you to after you helped her pick an outfit in your store.

The game has quite a large, and pricey, collection of clothes available for the player to choose from. The game neatly segregates clothing items such as tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, hair, make-up, and even your face shape and other details. The clothes are also properly arranged according to availability—starting with the default clothes, available upon the beginning and these clothes are clothes that offer no significant effect on the game, and up to the ones that are expensive.

There also exists a varying effect of the clothes you choose. The clothes with a star icon on the side, if purchased, will grant the player a bonus during photoshoots, events, gigs, etc. This bonus can be shown by having one star filled in the star meter during an event.

Another important type of clothing in the game are the clothes that have a heart icon on it. These clothes provide players with a bonus whenever they go out on dates—as one heart is filled from the heart meter.

Meanwhile, some of the clothes are also clothes in the game are actually exact replicas of the clothes the Kardashian sisters have worn.

What is important to note is that with the huge collection of clothes available to the player, he or she must choose to change their outfits often—preferably right before you go on an event or before you begin a date. If you are not sure if you have made the right choice, you may take a hint from the NPCs in charge of the event or from your date—more often than not, they would inform you if you have made a good choice with the clothing you bought or not. Getting on the good side of these NPCs or dates provide you with a bonus for the event so purchase and purchase often.

Another benefit of changing your outfit all the time and from purchasing the expensive clothes, is the accumulation of fans and followers. As soon as you don the new outfit, and if you picked the right one, you will be trending in no time, which shall garner a decent number of followers—which will in turn increase your popularity and move you closer to the A-list ranking.

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