Photo Shoots

Photo Shoots

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To become an A-list celebrity, getting a lot of exposure is vital. And today, photoshoots are still the best way to get the much-needed exposure and to make that desirable recall effect on your fans. The same manner also applies in the game as photoshoots are quests that your character would definitely need in order to increase his or her fan base. In fact, the very first official quest you get is a surprise photoshoot Kim had prepare for you after meeting you at So Chic. This first photoshoot will also officially launch your career in Hollywood.

Photo Shoots
Most of the offers that would be coming your way would involve photoshoots for magazines (Pop Glam). Although photoshoots do not necessarily take eight hours, most photoshoots are events usually ranging from one to three hours in length. Just like all the quests and events in the game, photoshoots would also involve the completion of tasks, which will require the use of your Energy points.

Once again, it is highly recommended that you begin a quest, a photoshoot, with full Energy so that you would get to cover and complete as many tasks as possible. And just like in any event in the game, it is best to complete the tasks as fast as you can to get those blue stars which will improve your performance during the photoshoot, as evidenced by the star rating meter at the lower left hand corner of the screen. The higher the star rating, the better your performance in the event is, which also means a higher number of fans for you.

Photo Shoots

A table below is provided to appropriately guide you with every photoshoot actions and their corresponding energy requirements and rewards.

Photo Shoots

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