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One of the common types of quests in the game involves making appearances at certain clubs and bars for more exposure. You may receive a call from Simon, Maria, or even Kim, to make a special appearance at club or bar. In the beginning, one of your appearances would not even be legit since you will have to sneak inside a club just to make an “appearance”.

But of course as you level up and make a name for yourself, invitations to make such appearances will be pouring down on you—you might even have to turn down a few ones if it won’t fit in your schedule. Yes, soon enough you will be the ones turning those invitations down. But as you start, you make do with every little invitation sent your way—and you make do real good.

Just like all other quests or events making Appearances are costly—in terms of Energy points, Money, and even your own time.

Appearances at clubs are mostly around eight hours in length so that would involve a lot of different tasks to perform within that eight-hour period. In terms Energy, these eight-hour long appearances will consume a LOT of Energy so be sure that you begin an appearance with full energy and that you quickly pick the tasks that have require higher number of energy points since these would be the most rewarding and tapping on the blue stars, once completed, would fill up your star rating faster.

When it comes to Money, attending Appearances may also require you to spend money on a few drinks in the bar or perhaps buying a new outfit. When attending events and appearances, it is always recommended to purchase or put on clothing items or accessories that have a “star” icon on them since these give you a bonus on events and appearances.

To give you an idea of the tasks involve in making appearances, you may refer to the table below:


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