Getting Your First Star Rating

Getting Your First Star Rating

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Welcome Video

Immediately after launching the app, you will be greeted by a video of Kim Kardashian welcoming you to the game while also promising you an awesome journey to fame

“Kustomization” of Character

As soon as the blazing star Kim Kardashian welcomes you, you are then brought to the character customization of your celebrity to be. If you are not really particular with how your character will look you may choose to “randomize” your character and the system may do it for you. If not, you may go ahead and “kustomize” your character. Here you are to nominate a name for your character, pick the clothes for your character, and even select the hairstyle along with other various facial features (eye shape, eye color, skin color, hair style, accessories, shoes, etc.)

Getting Your First Star Rating
The availability of the clothes and accessories shall depend on your level. So you may get better looking clothes later on as you level up in the game. When customizing your avatar and shopping for clothes some may have a heart, a star, or a Kim Kardashian star icon next to it. For more information on them and how they can help you, check out our Fashion Guide.

Quick In-Game Tutorial
(Before you were were new to Hollywood)

Right after “kustomizing” your character, you are transferred to the So Chic Boutique this is where the tutorial officially begins. You will find your character speaking to a certain Luther Alexander, your boss, wherein he shows you how to basically move around the game. In this game, Luther asks you to do tasks like fold a shirt, check the register, and straighten up some clothes.

Getting Your First Star Rating
What this section of the game shows you is the basic navigation and controls. Every episode or quest or task involves several actions that are suitable to the area or the event. If you are in a club then actions would involve taking shots, dancing, socializing, etc. Now that you are in a boutique the actions required of the player is of course anything related to a job as a retail assistant (straightening shirts, folding shirts, etc.).

To complete a quest or an action, the player must tap on the actions listed on the screen. Every action that is required in the game involves the use of energy points. So every tap you make on every action will definitely eat up some of those energy points.

Energy points may be consumed right away and when you’re out of Energy points, you have two options to gain some more Energy points. You may either use your Kim Stars to purchase some Energy Points (you could also purchase Kim Stars if you don’t have enough) or you may wait it out. Waiting for five minutes will give you one Energy Point.

Your First Major Quest

After doing the tasks for your boss Luther, you will accidentally bump into Kim Kardashian outside. She will be asking if you could help her find something to wear for a shoot and asks you if she could go inside your store. You oblige (as there really isn’t much of an option here) and there you help her select a dress.

Getting Your First Star Rating
As she is happy with her choice, she asks you to come visit her during a photo shoot in Beverly Hills. She reminds you to pick something nice to wear.

Wardrobe Change

Next you will have to go to your apartment right next to your boutique to change. There are some tasks for you to fulfill--like changing your clothes, etc. After that, you will receive another phone call from Kim reminding you about the photoshoot.

Your First Travel

For the photoshoot, you are to travel by Beverly Hills by bus and enter Metro Magazine for the shoot.

Most of the locations here are mostly accessed by bus or by plane. You may have the money to buy your own car later on.

A Surprise Photoshoot

As you enter, you will meet the photographer Garret St. Claire. You will realize that Kim set you up to surprise you with a photoshoot especially for you.

Getting Your First Star Rating
During the shoot, the tasks you are to complete involve things like (pose, waiting for backdrop change, change clothing, change makeup, lighting check, etc.). Once completed, you will be rewarded with some level up points and some cash.

Seeing that you are a “natural” when it comes to photoshoots, Kim tells you that you must do this more often and tells you that you should have your own manager.

Your First Party

After this, Kim invites you to another party at the Brew Palms in Beverly Hills. After the shoot, you may bump into your boss Luther Alexander who will ask you to work again. You may tell him about meeting Kim Kardashian. At first he won’t believe it but then you may use your charm on him at the expense of some Kim Stars.

You head down back to the Brew Palms to meet Kim. As you talk to some people around the place, they are all very excited about having Kim around. Here Kim tells you about the talent manager Simon Orsik, whom you will have to meet later on.

During this time, you will also meet Willow Pape, your rival, who will get mad at you for supposedly flirting with her boyfriend.

Meeting Your Talent Manager

Now you head to Hollywood at proceed to CTM Publishing and visit Simon Orsik. Here Simon requires you of some shots of yourself.

Getting Your First Star Rating
With that, he refers you to visit Garret to do some shots. Once you are done, you head back to CTM to submit to Simon your shots.

Satisfied, Simon schedules you for another gig and he tells you to wait for his call after an hour.

Visiting Kim

After the success of your first photoshoot, Kim invites you to her home to celebrate.

While on your way to Kim’s place you meet a paparazzo who tells you about Willow Pape’s mean tweet against you.

Upon arriving at Kim’s place, she tells you that she heard about Willow Pape’s tweet about you and then she refers you to see a publicist to help you manage your social image--especially when it’s going against Willow Pape. Here she suggests that you see Maria Holmes of CTM in Hollywood.

Meeting Your Publicist

Once you meet Maria Holmes, she immediately talks to you about the importance of finding a date in order to pacify Willow Pape and for her not to think that you were really out to get her boyfriend.

Getting Your First Star Rating
Maria also offers you to wage a social media war against Willow Pape but then I refused.

Getting a Date

After visiting Maria Holmes, you may head out to see Kim at her place to find a suitable date. Kim will be asking you some questions to determine the best date for you. I ended up with the writer Mitchell Murphy.

First Date

To start rebuilding your reputation, you may have to accept Mitchell Murphy’s call and go out on a date with him at Panini.

Getting Your First Star Rating
Dating is important in this game as it builds your reputation really fast. The game happens to have a Top Couples Ranking System wherein the quality of your “relationship” will help increase the number of fans you will have. Just make sure that when you date, you will make time for them or else they would be calling you to dump you and keep you just as a friend. If ever this indeed happens, you may use your charm to salvage anything left in your relationship

Dating is just like tasks in the game which involves the use of Energy points which definitely runs out. While out on a date, actions involve are, flirting, kissing, romantic glances, order special wine, etc. And just U will either have to wait (3mins) or spend some kim stars or perhaps even purchase them with real money. And depends on how u perform, ur relationship will change

First Modeling Gig

Right after your date, you may receive a call from Simon as he informs you about your first official modeling gig in Pop Glam LA which would last about an hour.

This first gig of yours will be pretty much like the first photoshoot you attended. It will involve tasks related to a modeling like pushing your hips forward, smiling with your eyes, facing the camera, posing, etc.--all in the name of launching your modeling career. And just the same, doing these tasks involve the consumption of Energy Points so manage those energy points carefully.

While waiting for your energy to refresh, there is not much you can do since the game is very energy-based. Although you may go around other places and talk to other people but sometimes even getting to know other people, or even dating, would require Energy. If you would want to go around and “work” for some extra cash at So Chic, you will need Energy once again.

New gig: Glassex commercial

You receive another gig and this time it’s for the Glassex Commercial. Again, it’s the same with previous quests which involve the completion of tasks, energy points, completion of more tasks, and consuming more energy points. Also, gaining a five-star rating for the performance is also important.

The next gig available for you is another photoshoot at Pop Glam with Garret St. Clair. This will be a one-hour event so make it count.

Management Opportunity

As soon as you exit Pop Glam, you will receive a call from Maria Holmes wherein she offers you a chance to manage one of the Kardash Boutiques, which is located in Miami. You will be recommended to visit Simon as well to confirm this. And after you do, you will immediately fly out to Miami to visit the Kardash booth which you may soon manage.

Upon arriving at the store, you will find Kim and the store’s assistant there. Perhaps as a test to your skills, you will be given some tasks to fulfill the minute you arrive in the store (ex. fixing clothes, organizing, fix mannequin’s pose, etc.). And seeing that you have done a good job at it so far, Kim will ask you to meet a fashion designer from whom you will source clothes from which will be displayed in the store.

You fly to LA to meet with Misty and she shows you some of her designs. Again you would need some energy for some tasks here. She also mentions something about her boyfriend and his connection to the Lif Bar as he is a marketing executive promoting the drink Immaculate at the bar.

First Lif Event

After your meeting with Misty, Simon will be calling you about the need to have more exposure. He recommends that you attend the event at the Lif Bar but then he no longer has seats reserved for you.

Getting Your First Star Rating
Remembering about the small note Misty said about her boyfriend and Lif Bar, you immediately bring this up to Simon. And upon hearing this, Simon agrees to get the guy’s number to call you so you could get in touch.

Misty’s boyfriend calls you up and says that he could find a way to get you in the bar but in exchange he would need you to be seen drinking Immaculate, the drink they are promoting. So, when you do arrive at Lif Bar, a part of your task in this 8-hour event, is to be seen drinking, buying, and enjoying Immaculate.

But partying at the Lif Bar can also present some challenges when Willow Pape shows up at the party and tries to insult you once again. For me, it is better to take the high road and just ignore her.

Birthday Call

After the party, you will receive a call from Kim teasing you about your upcoming birthday. She then urges you to speak to Maria to find a venue to celebrate your birthday party in Las Vegas.

Getting Your First Star Rating
Following Kim’s advice, you head out to CTM in Hollywood to speak to Maria about your birthday. Maria here tells you to fly to Las Vegas and see Chateau Nuit, the suggested venue, and speak to the manager.

She, however, warns you about the A-list couple who would do anything to maintain their rank and standing and would do anything to keep others from getting roles from them. In essence, she warns you to tread carefully if ever you are to meet those two A-Listers.

Turning Tables

Despite your careful approach into Chateau Nuit, you do bump into those mean A-list couple that snatches the table reserved for you. Now, you are at a crossroad now. You may either allow them to take your table or you may refuse and throw a fight for that table. If you do fight for that table you may lose some fans and earn a sharp Tweet from them. But if you do allow them to take your table, you will lose more fans and be at the receiving end of some nasty Tweets from the A-list couple. And when you do let them have their way with your table, you will lose an opportunity for a starring role.

When you do speak to the manager of the venue, he does tell you that the place is too expensive for you to rent but he would offer you an ex-deal to model for his bar so he could give you the place for free.

Dynamic Watches Event

On the side, you may have to attend a party at the Lif Bar to get a role for Dynamic Watches.

During this time, Simon and Maria will be offering you one event/quest after another. If you have an on-going relationship then your date would probably be calling you too from time to time. So, you would have to pick your projects carefully too.

Australia and DJ Duriel

One of your offers at this stage would be to attend a party of an up-and-coming DJ in Australia with Kim. Knowing that you got an invitation, you will receive a call from Willow Pape desperately asking you to put in a good word for her to DJ Duriel so she could get in too. If you agree, she will send out a “nice” Tweet about you in return.

Getting Your First Star Rating
Note: Before this big event, you will also be completing other photoshoots

The event will take place in the Black Rabbit Club where you will meet Kim and DJ Duriel, whom she introduces. Here, you would need a few energy points to meet DJ Duriel.

Aside from meeting DJ Duriel, you will also be completing other tasks such as socializing, mingling, drinking, etc. And if everything goes well, Kim will be calling you up after the event saying that DJ Duriel would want you to star in his next music video.

Birthday Celebration

Next big milestone here would be your own birthday celebration at Chateau Nuit where you will find Kim and Crystal. The tasks involve are the same as with any event held in a bar.

By this time you have probably already leveled up one letter higher and become a D-List celebrity. Congratulations!

Getting Your First Star Rating
From hereon, leveling up would be practically be the same--which is by completing quests and events and making sure they get a five-star rating all the time. In the same manner, you must also continue meeting new people or going out on dates, buy property, purchase more and better clothes to get to that desired A-List celebrity ranking.

Remember, to become an A-List Celebrity it will be all about Exposure! Exposure! Exposure!

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