Navigation and Controls

Navigation and Controls

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Navigation through the game can easily be mastered by basically remembering its three categories –the locations in-and-around the state, locations outside Los Angeles, and the International locations. Every set location is usually comprised of 3 to 4 buildings where you generally do your gigs, appearances, dates or live (purchasable properties).

Going to places will cost you resources and varies accordingly depending how far you need to go and the mode of transportation you will use to go to that location. Your means of transport, by plane, by car, or the metro, always reside to the left most side of the screen. In the beginning, you will mostly travel around by using the Metro and by plane. Later on, if you get to save enough money, you may buy a car which you could you use to travel within the state for free. To begin flying around different countries for free, you would have to spend 120 Kim Stars to purchase your own plane.

The game’s controls are pretty basic and intuitive, which mostly involves tapping the options here and there. The only time you will have to do other motions than tapping is when you will have to swipe left or right to get the full view of a certain location.

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