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Beginner's Guide

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Beginner's Guide
Celebrity Ranking

In this game, making it big is what it’s all about. And making it big real quick is what’s best. To become an A-lister, requires a lot of hardwork too—as evidenced by the gazillion events, photoshoots, and gigs you will have to attend, not to mention the long hours you have to spend in each of the event. But still, getting up a level feels nice too.

You start of as a nobody with no real star rating yet and to make it to the “E” list, you will have to attend as much events and gigs, as possible. But simply attending events and completing the tasks is not the only thing that matters, you will have to make your appearance worth it by making it a five-star event or appearance. Doing this will make critics spread a good word about you, thus increasing your fan base, and in turn will fill up your star rating (which you will see on the upper right hand corner of your screen). This fills up as your fans increase in number—you will see if your fanbase does increase if this star is filled with that purple color of celebrity goodness.

Beginner's Guide
Crib Upgrades

If you want to become a celebrity, the quality of your pad will surely affect your star rating too. Surely, with the speed at which things can be discovered and talked about it Hollywood, living in a disheveled place would surely find its way to your fans. Thus, living in a not-so cool place with not-so-cool furniture will definitely harm your reputation. Doing the opposite though (living in a cool place with cool and hip furniture), will in fact bring you to stardom closer than ever.

As you begin the game, you start out at renting a small place in Downtown, LA. As you level up in the game, you may eventually buy your own place (which you really should by the way). Now, if you have the means to upgrade your stuff at home, you may do so by clicking on that furniture icon while In your place. Doing so will quickly show you what is available for purchase for that particular area (living room, dining room, bedroom, etc.).

Some of the cool things, however, can only be bought by spending precious Kim Stars so it is important to only spend on furniture upgrade on a place you will really stay in for a long time.

Beginner's Guide

In this game, dating is given a big premium. It appears dating provides players with a faster way to gain fans. After all, aren’t people suckers for love? When you begin, Kim will actually help you get a date. It will be part of the story as you will come across your rival who will wage a Twitter war against you (how you would respond will depend on you of course) after she accuses you of flirting with her boyfriend. Thus, to pacify a raging and jealous rival, your publicist shall suggest that you go on a date to prove your innocence.

If that first date works out for you then thank your lucky stars as you will definitely have more points to increase your star rating. If it doesn’t then it will be up to you to find another date. Finding a date in this game is pretty much like finding a date in real life—you have to go out there and “work”.

You can find a date by going to bars or restaurants and talk to potential dates there. Once you’ve spotted someone you like, you will have the option to “Network” or “Flirt”. It is important to note that although it is always best to date someone with a higher star rating than yours, or even equal, networking or flirting with people with higher star-rating than yours will require you to spend some Kim Stars—the higher the difference in star rating from you, the higher the cost of Kim Stars required.

If ever you do find yourself in a restaurant with no potential date, you may call some of your would-be dates in your contact list by tapping the pink “plus” icon in the restaurant or bar. Before calling out your special someone for a date, make sure you have a lot of Energy Points available since dating is actually hard work and every action involved in dating (kissing, flirting, romantic glances, etc.) shall require one or two energy points—so make sure to make that date count by managing your energy points well.

You may also pick clothes, hair, and accessories that have a “heart” icon beside it since this will give you a bonus when going out on dates.

You may monitor the “quality” of your date (3-star or 5-star) by checking out the heart meter at the lower left corner of the screen. This matters because the higher and more successful your date is, the more fans you will have. And having a large fan base is one of the key points in this game.

Beginner's Guide
Pointers, Tasks, and Drops

The game is very much quest-based, meaning the opportunities in which you can level up to become an A-list celebrity is by completing each quest or event that is available. And not only is completion required but also making sure your quest or event is a five-star event or a five-star performance.

The only way to make this happen is to make sure that you complete every task available. In every event, quest, or gig, there will be events that are required of you. The variety of these tasks shall depend on the setting of the quest. If it is a quest for a photoshoot then the tasks will involve things like lighting checks, wardrobe changes, makeup check, posing for backdrop, etc. Every single task required of you need a certain amount of Energy point so make sure to always have Full Energy when you begin a quest or an event.

Beginner's Guide
Beginner's Guide
As soon as you are able to complete one task (ex. Check make-up during a photoshoot) several icons will be seen bouncing on the screen—there will be a blue star icon, a cash icon, a level up icon, and sometimes, a Lightning Bolt (Energy) icon or a fuchsia star icon which are for bonus points for a limited time event. What is important are the blue star icon which represent the quality of your performance during the event. The faster you tap on those blue icons, and other icons as well, the faster you may complete an event. The goal in EVERY quest or event is to make it a five-star event so it is always best to finish strong with the proper management of your energy points and the remaining time in the event. Again, isn’t that what Hollywood is all about too?!

Beginner's Guide
(Image above highlights the Objective Gauge)

Energy Points

Beginner's Guide
Every event or quest in the game involves the use of one of the most important resources here in the game—the Energy Points. Whether you are out on a date or attending a show or perhaps doing a photoshoot, you will need Energy points to perform the myriad of tasks required in each quest or level.

Each task will require a certain number of energy points so it is best to manage the spending of your energy points well. It is also recommended to start a quest or an event with full energy so more tasks can be completed in a short time.

Aside from the completion of tasks, meeting important people will also require a certain number of Energy points too so be sure to have at least five energy points stashed when you are going out to meet an important character in the story.

When you have exhausted all of your energy points, you have several options available to increase the number of energy points. You may either wait for five minutes to regain one energy point or you may use your Kim Stars to buy Energy Points. If you do not have enough Kim Stars, the game will then encourage you to spend real money to buy more Energy Points. One more way to get more energy points is to walk around cities and tap on items like people’s luggage, a trash bin, a bike, a tree, etc. – so make sure to tap well and tap often.

Beginner's Guide
Locked Locations

At the beginning, your world would simply revolve around the main cities in Los Angeles (Downtown, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, etc.) But as you move up a level, more and more locations will be accessible to you.

There will be times, however, when you will see a “padlocked” icon on the door of places you cannot access at the moment. In order to get through, you may have to increase your level or meet someone or complete a task first.

Beginner's Guide
Goal List

In Every quest, there will be an objective required of you. In order to check your latest objective, take a look at the box at the upper right corner of the screen that looks like a checklist or you may check on the “checked” icon located at the lower right corner of the screen.

Aside from seeing the objectives and goals required for the task, you may also check your achievements by tapping the same “checked” icon as well. There are various achievements in the game and most of them involve pretty much everything you are able to do in the game. For example, the achievement socialite will increase once you have met and socialized with a lot of people already while the achievement barfly will be completed when you have drank quite a lot. Accomplishing these achievements will give reward you with cash, level-up points, and sometimes even energy points.

Beginner's Guide
Your Network

Meeting new people is always fun. And in Kim Kardashian Hollywood, meeting famous people is what spells success, especially for a celebrity who is still learning the ropes like you! Kim will be introducing you to several of famous and important people in the community (whether it be a manager, a photographer, a writer, etc.) But just like in real life, meeting these famous people would require quite a number of energy from you. So when meeting characters that are important in the game, be sure to have at least five energy points with you.

Aside from meeting important characters like photographers, etc. you may also “network” with other people randomly or by just meeting them in a bar or restaurant. The minute you approach them, you are given the option to “network” or “flirt”. More often than not, networking and/or flirting would also require a certain number of energy points as well.

Beginner's Guide

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